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Chesapeake and Ohio 4-8-6s by mrbill6ishere Chesapeake and Ohio 4-8-6s by mrbill6ishere
These are the S-4 series of Chesapeake and Ohio 4-8-6s. Built by Lima in the 40s. These engines were able to give steam a new lease of life on the C&O. One that would last into at least the early 80s. More info here.

Types (top to bottom)

The J-4
The first engines in the "Ohio series." The C&O ordered them as lighter versions of the T class 2-10-4s. However. They were proven to be best at passenger trains and fast freights.

The J-4a
The second batch was like the S-4s. But streamlined like the L series Hudsons. When the Turbines planned for the Chessie streamliner failed, The Chessie ordered the S-4a as a group of replacements. This proved worth it.

The J-4b
In 1946, the C&O tested a pair of PRR T1s. They proved too slippery for use in the mountains, so the C&O turned to Lima to find a solution. Lima found one by using the 4-4-4-4 to create a 4-8-6. Eventually, the PRR saw what the C&O did and did it for themselves. But that's another story.
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