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CandO J class continuations by mrbill6ishere CandO J class continuations by mrbill6ishere
The Chesapeake and Ohio usually classified the J letter to be for their 4-8-4s. But this changed with the introduction of the 4-8-6 "Ohio" type. These are the subsequent J series steam engines

1. The J-4
The first ever class of 4-8-6s in the world. The J-4 was built mainly to serve as mixed traffic engines similar to the T-1 Texas types east of Charleston WV.

2. The J-4a
When the C&O ordered the turbines for The Chessie, they also ordered these 4-8-6 locomotives from Lima as a contingency backup, should the turbines prove not to live up to Baldwin's and Westinghouse's promises. As we now know, the turbines were not a success, but the Ohios were, so the Railway very quickly ordered more J-4s as well as 4 J-4a's, with streamlined shrouds very like those on the L-1 Hudsons. The J-4a's are the ones that made The Chessie the huge success that it eventually became.

3. The J-5
In 1946, the C&O decided to try the PRR class T1 on parts of its system. They were proven to be too slippey for the frequent mountain grades. But the C&O decided to order a few anyway for the Pere Marquette passenger train services.

4. The J-4b
After the T1s were tested, the C&O decided to work with Baldwin to create a way arount the wheelslip. Thus creating the 4-8-6s, and the J-4b steam engines.

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