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ATSF duplexes- passenger versions by mrbill6ishere ATSF duplexes- passenger versions by mrbill6ishere
A complete history of the ATSF duplexes Balwin made. These operated various passenger trains into the transition era of the ATSF's steam operations in the early to mid 1980s. However, like many other engines, these engines still operate sometimes today.

1. The prototype: 49
Built in 1961, the number was given as a nod to the song "On the AT&SF." The engine has its crew communicate through the then new technology of walkie talkies. The engine was mainly used as a learning block. As the 49 was found to be too long to run very far, not being very able to navigate curves. It eventually bwecame an iconic ATSF publicity figure when used in a commercial that aired to promote the railroad until the late 90s.. It was eventually retired, but managed to be saved by none other than Walt Disney himself. Who decided to display it in Marceline MO. 

2. The 2nd attempt: the 5100 
Built in 1965, this was a 49 that gad smaller dimensions. Thus making it able to go more places than the original 49. The 5100s, however, had problems climbing grades. So they were mainly assigned to Chicago- Texas trains like the Texas Chief. But other trains went on the Chicago- LA trains using the Belen Cutoff.

3. the 3rd attempt: the 5200 class 4-4-4-4s
Ultimately, it was decided for the third attempt to make the locomotive itself shorter by cutting off a lead truck. In the end, the ATSF got an engine similar the PRR T3 class duplexes. Which were also oil fired cab-forwards. These engines served all across the system. But especially on trains going from Chicago- LA via the Belen cutoff.

In some cases, all the engines could be seen double heading with normal ATSF stam engines, as well as diesels.

At any rate, this group of engines were key parts in the development of the ACE 3000 project. As the groups used a 570 class and made it coal fire to show off their ideas. This lead to later success in the steam engines. Which is still going strong around the world. ven with plenty of diesels as well.
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Rail-Brony-GXY Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
If these are cab forward duplexes, wouldn't the cylinders need to be backwards?
dinodanthetrainman Featured By Owner Edited Jan 15, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice alternative history!   Can you send me your request again?
mrbill6ishere Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2017  Student General Artist
Here are the engine I wanted made again.…
dinodanthetrainman Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you. :)
I am swamped so I may take awhile.
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