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Pennsylvania Railroad R3 Keystone by mrbill6ishere Pennsylvania Railroad R3 Keystone :iconmrbill6ishere:mrbill6ishere 3 0
Super Mario Bros TAS S2E1E2: Subcon Rises Again
The Return of Subcon is the two-part season two premiere of the Disney Channel animated television series Super Mario Bros: The Animated Series. The episode mostly adapts the events of Super Mario Bros. 2. Though it also borrows several elements from other installments in the Mario franchise.In the story, the Mario Bros, Peach, and Toad end up in a sinkhole that leads them to the land of Subcon, a part of the Mushroom Kingdom that was one ruled to be fully abandoned. The group helps their Prince, Imajeen, to liberate their region from the frog King Wart. Whom Mario soon learns is closer to everyone else than he initially thought.
The two-parter was highly successful in rating and in critical response. With many beginning to see the show as becoming on par, or even better, than the first film at this point.
Part 1
The two-parter takes place shortly after the events of the film, and the course of the show’s first season. Many changes have occurred in
:iconmrbill6ishere:mrbill6ishere 1 0
Super Mario Bros (2013 Animated film)
Super Mario Bros. is a 2011 traditionally animated film produced by a collaboration of Disney, Steven Spielberg, Don Bluth (under a revived version of Bluth-Sullivan), and of course Nintendo. It is mostly based of the first 1985 game, but with many elements from later games like character design. 
The idea for a Mario had been circulating in 2005 by Sony. But this was eventually moved to Disney due to a fall-out between Nintendo and Sony Pictures. The script for the film was taken from an early draft for the infamous 1993 film, allowing the team to write a script relatively quickly. In casting the characters, the producers went an unconventional route, using professional voice actor cast that had few to no celebrities. The film's soundtrack was similarly unorthodox: it features a score by Rare composer Grant Kirkhope. All this, in addition to its tone, music, and 2D animation, led Nintendo to confiscate the rights from Sony when the latter tried to force several changes
:iconmrbill6ishere:mrbill6ishere 2 0
Fictional Midwest Interurban Revitalization plan by mrbill6ishere Fictional Midwest Interurban Revitalization plan :iconmrbill6ishere:mrbill6ishere 0 0 The Union Pacific Ultra 800 by mrbill6ishere The Union Pacific Ultra 800 :iconmrbill6ishere:mrbill6ishere 8 0 Luna Loud: Original design by mrbill6ishere Luna Loud: Original design :iconmrbill6ishere:mrbill6ishere 6 0 Leni Loud: Original design by mrbill6ishere Leni Loud: Original design :iconmrbill6ishere:mrbill6ishere 7 0 Lori Loud: Original design by mrbill6ishere Lori Loud: Original design :iconmrbill6ishere:mrbill6ishere 5 1 Chessie Diesels: An Alternate Take by mrbill6ishere Chessie Diesels: An Alternate Take :iconmrbill6ishere:mrbill6ishere 7 0 Yong Bao: Original livery by mrbill6ishere Yong Bao: Original livery :iconmrbill6ishere:mrbill6ishere 8 1 Paper Mario Isle of Colors: Partners Part 3 by mrbill6ishere Paper Mario Isle of Colors: Partners Part 3 :iconmrbill6ishere:mrbill6ishere 7 0 SOU steam superpower by mrbill6ishere SOU steam superpower :iconmrbill6ishere:mrbill6ishere 5 0 The Indiana/Ohio Interurban: The Split by mrbill6ishere The Indiana/Ohio Interurban: The Split :iconmrbill6ishere:mrbill6ishere 0 0 Rougeport Tug Fleet by mrbill6ishere Rougeport Tug Fleet :iconmrbill6ishere:mrbill6ishere 3 0 Paper Mario Isle of Colors: Partners Part 2 by mrbill6ishere Paper Mario Isle of Colors: Partners Part 2 :iconmrbill6ishere:mrbill6ishere 8 1 Peach as she appears in my film/TV series by mrbill6ishere Peach as she appears in my film/TV series :iconmrbill6ishere:mrbill6ishere 20 3


Lori hates snakes by Montyclan Lori hates snakes :iconmontyclan:Montyclan 23 9
The Bird! The Bird!- SMBSS remake
(The episode opens to the group walking through a snowy region. Behind them is Toad, who is wearing a coat and pulling Peach on a sled. Mario is wearing a scarf, Luigi is wearing earmuffs, and Peach is wearing a stole.)
Mario: (in his mind) Plumber's Log, Number 1-0-1. After saving Princess Peach from King Koopa and driving him from the Mushroom Kingdom, me and my brother Luigi have been alerted of a possible regrouping of his forces in the Land of Ice. The princess and the prime minister, Toad, have joined us on our expedition, to guide us. Because only they know where we are right now.
(Toad collapses into the snow. Mario and Luigi turn around to see him.)
Mario: Toad?
(Mario runs to Toad and picks him up.)
Toad: I'm done.
Mario: Whaddaya mean, "you're done?"
Toad: Do you know what it's like to be dragging a sled with a person on it UP a mountain?
Mario: (flabbergasted) I was the last one to do it, buttonhead! Ever heard of taking turns!?
Toad: Don't call me button-head, ya broom-fac
:icondakardii:DaKardii 4 2
Bad Lucky Galaxy - Pg. 5 by MKDrawings Bad Lucky Galaxy - Pg. 5 :iconmkdrawings:MKDrawings 38 26 Paper Mario : Melody of the Guardians by Noctalaty Paper Mario : Melody of the Guardians :iconnoctalaty:Noctalaty 50 20 Transformation 4 : Tanker Banjo by Noctalaty Transformation 4 : Tanker Banjo :iconnoctalaty:Noctalaty 21 0 Banjo-Kazooie Fan Transformation by Noctalaty Banjo-Kazooie Fan Transformation :iconnoctalaty:Noctalaty 48 12 New Partners For A New Adventure... by Noctalaty New Partners For A New Adventure... :iconnoctalaty:Noctalaty 106 16 I Like This Character meme: Thomas edition by EndlessWire94 I Like This Character meme: Thomas edition :iconendlesswire94:EndlessWire94 10 7 Yah-whoo! Panchito! by EarthGwee Yah-whoo! Panchito! :iconearthgwee:EarthGwee 222 21 Super Mario Odyssey-Princess Peach by Sukino-sakura Super Mario Odyssey-Princess Peach :iconsukino-sakura:Sukino-sakura 153 22 I Like This Character Meme by MiraculousLover22 I Like This Character Meme :iconmiraculouslover22:MiraculousLover22 247 69 I Like This Character Meme by TobyandMavisforever I Like This Character Meme :icontobyandmavisforever:TobyandMavisforever 19 31 4115 by RattlerJones 4115 :iconrattlerjones:RattlerJones 41 3 Mike Rex  Bert by KobetheNWRFan Mike Rex Bert :iconkobethenwrfan:KobetheNWRFan 61 13 Life On the Tracks 27 by KendallCollins Life On the Tracks 27 :iconkendallcollins:KendallCollins 46 39 What the... by darthmaul90 What the... :icondarthmaul90:darthmaul90 15 9
This ties in with my revision to the esch cummins act seen here.

1927: the PRR hires a Milanese Mechanical Engineer named Augusto Lombardi. Having seen the NYC Hudsons, they desire bigger and better engines, albeit still with interchangeable parts, which they require Lombardi to use on his first designs.

1928: Lombardi designs the U1 2-8-4, based on the I1. And the R2 4-8-4, based on the M1. Both are moderate successes. But are not built in quantity like other PRR steamers of the time. For this reason of the lack of interchangeable parts, Lombardi is given permission to make entirely new designs.

1929: Lombardi introduces a new method of locomotive numbering due to numbering system having once been random. The process dictates a letter for the motive power type (S for steam, E for electric, etc.), the class of the engine (L, K, M, I, etc.), and the engine’s number. For instance, L1 Mikado 520 would be referred to as “SL-520.” and K4 Pacific 1361 would be “SK-1361"

1930: After a few years, Lombardi announce that he will work with Baldwin and Lima to develop his next big project. A larger engine to replace the K4 Pacific in fast Passenger runs.

1933: SR-7100, the first R3 4-8-4, rolls out of Altoona. 300 would be originally built with the intent of replacing the K4 Pacific. However, they would instead supplement them often and end up on mixed traffic later in life.

1935: The first U2 2-8-4, SU-7400 rolls out of Altoona. The railroad envisions these engines to compliment the L1 Mikados and M1 Mountains in fast freight. With I1s and U1s roll on heavier, slower trains.

Late 30s: Lombardi builds the R3s and U2s in massive numbers. Unlike the past PRR engines, they have fewer interchangeable parts. but are still loved by crews and the PRR.

1938: The electrification of the NE Corridor is completed. Though some engines continue to venture as far as Harrisburg.

1940: Many prominent members of the Norfolk and Western brass begin replacing their PRR counterparts in preparation for merger. Which doesn't happen until 1978. Most significantly, William J. Jenks, president of the N&W, becomes a key advisor of Martin W. Clement of the PRR. 

1942: The PRR introduces the first two T1 duplexes. Along with them, they also build some streamlined 4-8-4s called R4s to serve as backup.

1945: The PRR builds the J1, T1, and Q2 engines.

1946-1950: The PRR begins modifying their facilities to be like those of is subsidiary Norfolk and Western. Allowing for a more efficient maintenance process than before. In addition, several more N&W J class steamers are built for use on the Pennsy. Under which they becomes the R5 class of engines. As such, engine like 611 or the fictional 622 become SR-611. Many more N&W types are built at Altoona and used on both railroads.

1957: The first K4, 1737, is retired and put on display at Northumberland, PA.

1957-1963: Most of the K4 Pacifics are retired. The good news is that among the ones preserved in this timeline are 5399 (my personal favorite of the class), 3768 (with rebuilt shrouding), 1120 (also with rebuilt shrouding), and 3847. Plus many more K4 Pacifics. Which become to Americans what the Black Five is to British enthusiasts.

1965: All PRR steam engines smaller than the M1 Mountains are retired. This includes the L1 Mikados, H series Consolidations, among others. Only the I1 2-10-0s and several switchers remain by 1976.

1966: The R2, U1, Q2, and T1 are all retired. Thankfully, several are preserved of each class.

1967: The PRR introduces the Keystone Limited, which supplements the Broadway Limited as a NY-Chicago train, albeit one running via the Panhandle Line through Columbus, OH and Logansport, IN.

Steam continues well until the 1980s. At which point the fleet is mainly R3s, I1s, M1s, and N&W engines. Plus a few K4s in preservation and L1s on branch line traffic.


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You see, originally, America Chavez was initially straight during her first years as an official Marvel character (late 2011-2013), but for some reason, ever since some time in 2014, it was pointlessly retconned that she is now lesbian instead, even though the aforementioned character was originally straight.

In other words, she was literally changed into a lesbian.

Here's some links for proof and more details (both proof and more details of this pointless change are especially in the first link) :…………

I HATE needless retcons like that, don't you?
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