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March 9, 2007
Ty Nant Water Advert by ~MrBigglesworth is really a great ad design which couples copy with visual quite nicely. Looking at the visual you see this awesome concept of bubble bottle underwater which looks really cool but then upon reading the copy 'quality always rises to the top' you grasp the visual more clearly and as a result it communicates the message quite clearly. In addition, the theme and concept of being underwater just evokes the feeling of wanting water to drink or to be in, either way, you want water. Nice work.
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Ty Nant Water Advert



This is one of four designs put forward for the annual Ty Nant Carbonated Water competition. The project required designing a new carbonated water bottle, which had to be inculed in the advertising campaign
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I was looking at this while drinking soda and I smacked the soda (Huey style) and I whipped out water but didn't drink it I got juice!!!🍹