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“The Uncertain – Episode 1: The Last Quiet Day” is a game on Steam developed and published by ComonGames with the help of Unity. The description on its Steam store page reads “The Uncertain is an episodic story-driven adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Experience the mysterious vibe of each of carefully explored locations, solve diverse puzzles, make fateful decisions and discuss intriguing matters to find out the whole truth being kept from you.” Even though this is merely a first look (in a nutshell) as to how the game starts out, there’s already plenty to talk about.

Current PROS

🔵 Well-developed visual environment settings, even at Low Definition. It was interesting to see that despite taking place in a futuristic apocalyptic setting, it was more of a mix between futuristic technology with modern-day AND old-age environments. Even though a console and robot charge pod worthy of a Half-Life game inside a common household CAN be a sight you’d have seen somewhere else, you’d have to admit it’s still not a common sight, right?

🔵 Interesting plotline; sure, as players progress through they’ll learn it’s another game where the ones in power don’t want the citizens to know about a certain thing for some reason and the characters that do know are on their hit list (if this is a trope, I don’t know its proper name, so I’ll just call it “Hidden Truths = Death”) but it’s a plot where robots are the citizens who have been told that humans are extinct. THAT’S what makes it unique. Also, the mentioning of how humans became “extinct” through wars is just another reminder about how pointless and destructive wars are, at least in real life.

🔵 Main character development; even though RT’s voice is calm/dull thorough the game not matter what (even at points where he’s facing death), especially in comparison to the other robot characters, he makes up for that with his ongoing curiosity, ingenuity and “humanlike” antics, like commenting on various characters/objects/scenery, some of which he can’t make logic out of (because there’s no logic to work with in the first place, like the abstract painting in his house or the swing set outside his house) and doing certain actions that would lead to unlocking Achievements not mandatory to the storyline. My favorite part about him was his lines after listening to the radio in his house at the beginning of the game as his first task to the storyline because he’s damn right about what he said. Also the fact that RT has a built-in music player (which immediately reminded me of the YouTuber Fandroid, the Musical Robot; that’s why I made multiple references to him in this video) is a definite plus, despite the fact that he only used it once during the game and only if the player lets him inspect the antique record player.

🔵 Cast development; even though I only played up to the second scene of the game, I did watch full gameplay beforehand so I’d know what to expect and when it comes to the rest of the characters, I think you’ll like them; most are more lively in terms of voice tone, at least compared to RT, and truly show expertise in their field of purpose. This can especially be said about the good guys, whose priorities are hiding humans from the police robots that are under control of the USS Corporation via the updates that continue to influence these robots with the USS’s lies, currently making the Police antagonists in the story so far, especially since they’ll disintegrate anyone who knows about humans actually still existing (again, “Hidden Truths = Death”).

🔵 Decently easy-to-figure-out puzzles (so far); it might take you a literal few tries or so to get the hang of them like I did (because I attempted multiple gameplay recordings regarding the game’s graphics configuration settings) but at least they’re not brain-busters that could takes hours to figure out like other games I know of do.

🔵 Winner of eight awards. …EIGHT, man. Check out the Awards section of the game’s store page for proof.

🔵 Game Achievements; most are automatically awarded throughout the main storyline through the puzzles and cutscenes. Some in fact, are TOO easy; for example, after getting the “Quick Charge” Achievement for watching the cutscene where RT goes into sleep mode, you immediately get the “Buckle up” Achievement for watching the cutscene that comes right after. It feels pointless but hey, the images look clever enough and who doesn’t want more Achievements to show off for their Steam profile anyway?

🔵 Steam Trading Cards; currently, even with what few there are on the Steam Market, they’re dang cheap (even for the Foil Cards) and the sets only consists of 5 cards (the minimum a Steam game can have), meaning you’ll get an easy, cool-looking Level 5 Badge and a cooler Foil Badge for “The Uncertain – Episode 1” in no time (as long as online supplies last, of course. Otherwise, you’d better have some Steam Gems on hand to create booster packs with). Also, this is Episode 1, meaning they might make Steam Trading Cards for upcoming Episodes as well.

🔷 As for the game’s Profile Badges in terms of names, you’ll understand what they mean once you observe RT’s full capabilities throughout the rest of the game. And regarding the images themselves, they’re the icon used for the game’s loading screen and one of RT’s startup faces, so they have relevance, like the Profile Badges for games such as Team Fortress 2 and Half-Life 2 do. Symbolism can be a powerful concept, after all.

🔷 The emoticons also look cool and useful for people’s chat messages, comments, guides and text portions of Steam profiles while the profile backgrounds look detailed and given an adequate amount of effort put into them.

Current CONS

🔴 Inconvenient save states; the save states are automatic when it gets to certain points in the game. In some cases, when reloading a game, it could take you back to the start of the scene or start off after your last completed task (that’s my guess because I sometimes closed the program during a cutscene, ergo when I loaded the game again it reshowed the cutscene). This might not sound like a bad thing but for someone who tries to make a recording or wants to get all the Achievements, messing up at any point could result in having to do the entire story all over again. That feels tedious to me; perhaps if there was a better way to save files besides waiting for the automatic ones to come, say like manually saving via the pause menu. Also, just in case, even though this is a single-player game, it might be a good idea to add at least a second save file for players to work with.

🔴 Cursor control; I don’t have a mouse – just my laptop’s touch pad. But whether a mouse or touchpad, moving the cursor around was a little hard and sluggish for me; perhaps if there was adjustable mouse sensitivity in the Control Settings, it might make it easier.

🔴 Graphic settings; this could be because I’ve had my current laptop since 2014 but the medium and high definition settings caused severe lag to the game, to the point where RT’s face screen transitions don’t complete during the cutscenes. I also had to turn off all other perks on that menu to make the game run better. Another inconvenience is that no matter what settings menu I’m on, clicking “APPLY” causes the game’s window to go full screen because every time Settings opens, the screen resolution selection resets to default instead of the 1600x900 window that I want kept on. Why that always rests while the other Settings options stay saved is beyond me but it was an annoyance to change it every time during my game recording experiments.

🔴 Hard-to-find points of interest. You know; the areas in a room where RT can go to. When the cursor is near one, a transparent dot appears, to which the cursor must point to in order to access the options ring, which allows RT do an action for it. It feels inconvenient and difficult having to move the cursor to the dots every time to access the options ring (especially because of the cursor’s sluggish control). It could be easier on players to just have the options ring should show up on its own instead, without the need of a transparent dot to show up first for access.

♦ The same could be said for the segments where the camera shifts to RT’s point of view. In order to make him do an action for an object, players must search around the screen until a transparent square appears near the button/knob/socket/whatever that must be clicked in order to have RT perform the next action. However, regarding the radio at the beginning, the final action was to press and hold the right arrow key for RT to turn the knob, which was difficult for me to figure out because there was no indication (even if hints were turned on at the mouse configuration settings). It could be easier to just have the transparent square show up on its own so that players could simply click on them because having to find the squares while they’re invisible feels tedious, along with figuring out how to turn the radio’s knob. In fact, during the action sequence of RT using the plasma cutter to make a hole in the crashed ship, transparent arrows appeared on the spot to show where the player needed to direct RT’s path on cutting the hole. That’s the kind of convenience which should be bestowed for the other action sequences for the radio and reviving the robot pilot.

🔴 Slightly difficult maneuverability; RT’s movement with the arrow keys shift with the camera’s point of view, meaning in some spots, while you’re having him move up to a room and that room’s pov is changed to where RT entered, if you keep holding the up key, he’ll move back to the previous room. It’s not that much of an inconvenience but you (and I) had better be careful later on near the game’s end when he has to go through actual deadly obstacles.

🔴 Trading Card Steam profile backgrounds; it’s not the fact that there’s only three of them but more because that there’s not one showing off RT. As the main character and primary focus in the game, shouldn’t there be a profile background with him on it, too?

⚫ The screen moves slightly circularly on its own throughout gameplay; you’ll be able to notice that eventually but I’m certain the game developers did this on purpose as a little added feature for the game’s characteristics or something. It’s the least concern I have for this game; not necessarily a CON but neither is it a PRO. It’s easy to get used to and probably wouldn’t be that much of an irksome problem for people but those who want to take screenshots will most likely have a little-to-no chance of ever getting the same camera position twice.

Again, keep in mind that most of this is just as a first look to the game for me right now and will most likely be updated if/when I find time to play the rest of the game later (even though I know the rest of the plot). In the meantime, while I DO recommend playing “The Uncertain – Episode 1: The Last Quiet Day, if ComonGames and/or Unity can fix these bothersome program system inconveniences then it’ll be more suitable for the $14.99 it’s currently being sold for. …Unless you’re okay with them yourselves; I can be a little nitpicky about things sometimes but I’m only trying to help make it better, that’s all.…

This video is of me trying out the Steam game “The Uncertain – Episode 1: The Last Quiet Day”. Developed and published by ComonGames with the help of Unity, the description on its Steam store page reads “The Uncertain is an episodic story-driven adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Experience the mysterious vibe of each of carefully explored locations, solve diverse puzzles, make fateful decisions and discuss intriguing matters to find out the whole truth being kept from you.” Even though this is merely a first look (in a nutshell) as to how the game starts out, there’s already plenty to talk about.

In fact, the review I made about these first looks had so much written, it exceeded the character limit allowed for a YouTube video description OR the review section on its store page at Steam. So I had to post it as a literature deviation on my deviantart account.

Point is, I'm sure this game will be worth trying out by you viewers, too. Here’s the links to purchase and play this game; have fun.

Also, for those interested further, here's the links for ComonGames.

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