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Sweet Apple Fritters

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Hi i have a question does applejack like two eat apple fritters :-?

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Apple Split! Nooooooo!

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OBVHyesn iobyrtbb 8yh4t jk,n
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"Too... cute... need... insulin..."
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That how Applejack parents died !
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I regret that old joke...

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4 years too late my friend...

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i think i might dub this comic if that is okay? No worries i will give credits to you for making this adorable piece of work :3
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Go right ahead.
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He collapsed due to the cuteness. CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!!!!!!
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This reminds me of The Irony of Applejack.
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Reminds me of that one silverquil episode when he shows an adorible picture of sweetie belle to another reviewer. And she just drops. -.-
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Granny Smith:And thats how your Uncle died!
Applejack:That...Thats just sad.. Applejack (Aww) Plz 
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Well... thats bit funny
Hnnnnngggghhh my fucking heart.
TO much cutness...
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Baby Applejack is possessed she has the eyes of the fnaf animatronics when there possessed by the kids
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