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Straight from the Sock's Mouth
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Published: April 24, 2012
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I do not usually make comics (in fact, this is my very first one) but I figuered I should draw one sooner rather than later.

So here it is... Pinkie Pie and Twilight interacting with each other, that's always fun, right? RIGHT?!

...maybe I should stick to other things, like knitting and what not. :iconbr0ny:

First part: Here
Second part: [link]
Last part: [link]
EDIT: Wow, this thing made it to EQD? I'm astonished. Thanks for all the supportive comments you guys! :happybounce:

Thanks to *fyre-flye
MLP © Hasbro
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Lyra Heartstrings Emote Clapping Pony Icon - Lyra Heartstrings Lyra Chibi Lyra Icon MLP Lyra Heartstrings (Angry) Plz MLP Lyra Heartstrings (Bedroom Eyes) Plz MLP Lyra Heartstrings (Huh?) Plz MLP Lyra Heartstrings (Smug) Plz MLP Lyra Heartstrings (Salty) Plz Sad Lyra Heartstrings Emotion Lyra No! Lyra Heartstring Plot Filly Lyra Lyrabon Scene 

F2U | Pinkie Pie Icon: Can you play with me???
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CosmicDrawingCat|Student Digital Artist
I just noticed that the yellow one has fluttershy's eye color, and the blue sock has  rainbow dash's eye color as well!
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icycrystalchan|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Excellent observation!
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FluttzKrieg|Hobbyist Digital Artist
That moment when you don't realize how weird it was until Twilight mentioned it.
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Pinkie could snap the fingers of a glove if she was wearing one. 
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rabbitlake|Hobbyist Digital Artist
panel 5 explained with a word
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ArtisticNinjaCat|Hobbyist General Artist
How convenient of Lyra to pop up like that at that time 
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how is she moving the mouths? and what is lyra doing that?
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Human obssessed
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AmandatheBanana|Hobbyist Digital Artist
HAH! Lol i get it XD
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AmandatheBanana|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol I'm sorry for replying so late, I had Internet problems, but pinkie means socks because we wear socks in our shoes and if ur a pony u call u shoes horse shoes, if u take off ur horse shoes, u will only have ur socks left on ur feet. So they'de be walking around in socks. Get it now? Lol
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ha ! get it HAHAHAHAHA!
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MrMeow20|Hobbyist Digital Artist
well twilight, let's just say that she's Pinkie Pie...Pinkie Pie Hello 
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powerpuffgirl111|Hobbyist General Artist
She's Pinkie Pie, don't question the logic.
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DeliriousWolf886|Student Digital Artist
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XxdarkChaosMLG2xX|Student Filmographer
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PeanutTheChub|Hobbyist Digital Artist
and the lyra fans went crazy :3
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she has HANDS! Tard OMG Emote 
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I think she is using her back legs to move the mouths and her front legs to move the whole body.

Am i right?
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snakes twilight, talking snakes
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shena12345|Student Artist
finger print
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