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Girchama on a Haaton


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Girchama on a Haaton


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The Demon King Girallon

Zelda Stuff

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Chaos is naaaaughty...

Naughty Ponies

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Girchama on a Haaton

Gir on a Pig

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Girchama on a Haaton

All Vectored Pics

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Steven Universe Micro Theory 033 - Ships

Steven Universe Stuff

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Odd Perception #5


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Kirby - Needle Felted

Glass and etc...

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What's the Point?

"What's the point?" Said No One to Nobody. "I try hard yet I fail, Bruised, dumb and unknowing, Yet when it's all over, The world keeps on going." "Where's my light?" Mourned the once assured creature. "My eyes held a fervor. I saw dazzling cheer. Now there's nothing but dark. Just a frighting frontier." "I've no place." Claimed the failure of his world. "I feel shunned and alone, None to share what I know. My heads down and mouth shut. Must maintain status quo." "Shall I quit?" Cried the unworthy peon. "I used to have purpose. I knew well where to move. What's now my direction? I've got nothing to prove." "Where's my heart?" Yearned


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Gir on a Pig TEMPLATE Improved


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Splatoon 2 - Off the Hook Logo

Splatoon Vectors

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Steven Universe Analysis: World Map -Part 1-


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