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Steven Universe - Holly Blue Agate

Download for full size. Be careful, they're rather large!

"Blue Diamond and her trusted Agate, that's me, has been maintaining this place since the dawn of Era 2."

High quality gem vector of Head-that-looks-like-a-zombie-snails-eyes Mom!

I am fairly confident that this is the correct look of Holly Blue's gem from face on due to the screenshot of her next to the Zoo door with Pearl, Ruby and Sapphire. The commonly accepted curved look to the upper facets I believe is due to seeing her gem from the side when she is seen summoning her whip. A straight line can appear curved (or visa-versa) when viewed from an angel after all. Regardless of the curvature, this is extremely proportionally accurate. If the cut of her gem is anything like Blue Diamond, the top facet should match the lower part of the facet which it appears to do in the aforementioned screen next to the Zoo door. If you have reason to believe this should look different, please let me know!

I've vectored all of the gemstones and a few of the symbols in the show and will be uploading them in accordance to :iconmlp-vectorclub: high standards.

SVG: HollyBlueAgate

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As shown in Holly Blue's official model sheet, her gemstone has a teardrop outer shape with a kite-shaped cut.
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Thank you for this. Would you happen to have the source of this image? I like to work as close to the source material as possible.
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I think this is really close to the right shape, but in response to your note, I think that the bottom is round like Lapis's. When she is summoning her whip, if you pause it correctly before the gem glows, the angle is not as off as you might think. Although angles can curve straight lines visibly, I am positive that the outline of the gem at 0:38 of the linked video is completely rounded. You can see here:…
I appreciate your work on making gem facets!
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I was wondering when someone would bring that up! Thank you for the feedback! In response, would you feel comfortable maintaining your point of view of her gem in regards to this clip or this head-on clip? I don't mind adjusting the vector but I do strive for accuracy.  

Perhaps just doing it both ways would do well until a proper character reference is put forth?
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Hmmm... there are some obvious inconsistencies with the gem in each scene which has also occurred with the diamonds as well. Either interpretation fits depending on which scene you reference but I have to agree that the shape in head-on clip should be used as a reference instead of the weapon summoning clip. The only problem is that the official SU wiki has the wrong cut displayed for Holly Blue's page so now everyone thinks that the gem cut there is correct. Thank you for pointing that out to me.
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Not a problem. Because of the inconsistencies, it could very well be that this episode was drawn up by many different people/teams/etc... As for the wiki, I'd offer up my vector and explanation but I don't know how to go about that process. =/
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I don't really know either. If you really wanted to try you could make an account and comment on the page for Holly Blue.
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