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Steven Universe - Blue Diamond Updated

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Download for full size. Be careful, they're rather large!

"How curious. I'm impressed by humanity's ability to survive in the wild."

High quality updated gem vectors of Giant Blue Mom!

I'm like 95% sure this is the correct shape her gem should be based on a number of screenshots from the most recent episodes. That said, I'm only like 67% sure the colors are okay. I took screens from her gems best visible appearances...but in every image the colors were different. This is in the same scene mind you. Long story short, I averaged all those colors together. Until an official model sheet is released for the Diamonds, this is mathematically and probabilistic the best I can deliver.

I've vectored all of the gemstones and a few of the symbols in the show and will be uploading them in accordance to :iconmlp-vectorclub: high standards.

SVG: BlueDiamondUpdated

Steven Universe is the property of Cartoon Network and Rebecca Sugar.
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Blue Diamond is best diamond. :thumbsup: