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Think About It

Poster #1 in a series of typographic designs showing quotes that help me out or I feel are important.

This deviation deals with a quote that I believe in strongly. It deals with what an individual needs to think about before they open their mouth and make a statement. Whether it be good or bad, some sort of action will usually follow that statement.

All was created in PhotoShop.

Stock is from ~bashcorpo.

Please comment and critique and let me know what you think. I greatly appreciate it!:-)
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can share to me ur psg
ArkenstoneStar's avatar your actions because they become your character. and watch your character because it becomes your destiny. That was from the Iron Lady! I love this poster
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Your message reads out and clear through my eyes. :D
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My school assistant principal ALWAYS said this to us. There was a point when he didn't credit the person who said these words...
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Your art is truly epic!
great job, what font did you use? i love the textures in the background too, that adds a nice touch.
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with font do you use?
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I love it. I love the scratchy design around it, and the position of the words. Very creative, and very good.
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watch your actions for they become your habits. watch your habits for they become your character. watch your character for it becomes your destiny... nice shot
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very nice!
:love: a "love" worthy!

if i may ask, what font did You use?
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whow. cool!
i really like this one! :)

what font did you use?
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can you do it wild wallpaper? (1440x900) pliz?
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hey there.
I've featured this here: [link]

I hope you don't mind.~ :heart:
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Helo this lovely piece have been featured in my last journal entry. Check it here: [link]
it's cool.. nice work..
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Featured via news [link] :)
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Cool typography. It is well thought out and nicely designed.
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i love the arrangement of the words.
the quote very much reminds me of a bumper sticker i saw this last week.. i was quiet inlove at first sight.
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Gorgeous. I love the colors, composition, and, of course, the typography.
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Glad you could enjoy! Thank you for commenting :-)
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Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

I love that quote. This is gorgeous.
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