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August 28, 2009
The Gift v2 by ~MrBadger ''The message here is so deep and simple.''
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The Gift v2



This is just another version of my deviation "The Gift".

The artist is nothing without the gift but the gift is nothing without work

The light bulb was added by me because of the thought process involved with creating this piece.

My friend was saying how hard it was to create digital works because he has no idea how to and described creating these works as a talent or "gift", and thus, putting the idea in my head for this design.

Light bulb=idea popping into head.

Please note, I understand that you cannot read the quote instantly, or maybe at all for that matter, as this was not intended. The overall composition was the key here, and also the open interpretation of the piece itself. For instance, you may be able to pull multiple phrases from within the contents of the design and also play a little guessing game if you did not know what the original quote was. It's meant to be fun, not to stress you out! ;)

Let me know what you all think! :-)
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