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August 28, 2009
The Gift v2 by ~MrBadger ''The message here is so deep and simple.''
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The Gift v2

This is just another version of my deviation "The Gift".

The artist is nothing without the gift but the gift is nothing without work

The light bulb was added by me because of the thought process involved with creating this piece.

My friend was saying how hard it was to create digital works because he has no idea how to and described creating these works as a talent or "gift", and thus, putting the idea in my head for this design.

Light bulb=idea popping into head.

Please note, I understand that you cannot read the quote instantly, or maybe at all for that matter, as this was not intended. The overall composition was the key here, and also the open interpretation of the piece itself. For instance, you may be able to pull multiple phrases from within the contents of the design and also play a little guessing game if you did not know what the original quote was. It's meant to be fun, not to stress you out! ;)

Let me know what you all think! :-)
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jcvorsteh's avatar
Your work is unique..Good job!
jcvorsteh's avatar
Your work is amazing..Super love the style..Is this available for purchase or it is for free? Thanks.
degr8sid's avatar
Can you post its tut? ;) (Wink) :happybounce: 
wrighton59's avatar
I read it perfectly the first time- I think it's brilliant! Is this design available for purchase?
xyvette's avatar
Wow [as u can see i pretty like most of ur work = = i cant stop commenting xD]
JUst because it 'looks good' this cannot be passed off as a good design... Its a ridiculously poor design. What is the point of it if we cant read it properly? You need to spend more time on it and make it legible!!
MrBadger's avatar
Didn't say it "looks good" anywhere. Was just having fun a few years ago ;) Thank you for the comment! Be sure to check out the rest of my designs and welcome to DA!
TLY88's avatar
If i had not read your description, i would've been completely lost. The two colors especially confused me, because after failing to read it the first time, I tried reading one color at a time, which obviously doesn't work. I can read "The artist is nothing" completely fine, but after that my eyes go directly to the "without" on top instead of the one on the bottom like you wanted. I do like the colors, textures, layout, graphic elements and the layout of the type itself, but I just don't think it works in trying to get its message across.
waterdelph's avatar
The dulled colours actually give a nice feel to this piece. Very nice design!
RainieMai's avatar
I love the colors, but I don't think the layout is working with the type and legibility. I read it as, "the artist is nothing without work, the without but the gift" that area is hard to read because the view have to turn their heads way too much you've got text facing the left, right, and upside down. Its visually interesting but very hard to read.
littleDlite's avatar
i really like this and am trying to figure out how to make stuff like this - do you have a good tutorial i can learn from?
huichingL's avatar
like the whole artwork and the quote ! (: keep it up!
joseabizz's avatar
good job buddy
May I ask what program did you use to make this?
overloaded-circuit's avatar
:omfg: superbbb wish i could be this good one day! :)
kar3en's avatar
i love it!! how did you do that?? the letter "t" thing, nice! any tutorial?? :)
PoetryLove01's avatar
Did you use photoshop?? Cuz, those are mad skills :P
A-U-R's avatar
lilelle's avatar
i love it, it kind of just sums artists on a whole. i have just done my art exam an im so proud all my class mates keep telling me how gifted i am. i feel so lucky. with out my art i really am nothing i get grumpy an sad. so i think its brill an would you mind if i borrow the words to create a triditional peice i will link it to you. i have a light bulb now thanks xxxxx
ColdKill3r's avatar
Do you have a tutorial teaching how to do it? Well done! =D
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