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By MrBadger
Poster #2 in a series of typographic designs showing quotes that help me out or I feel are important.
where there is a will, there is a way

This motivational quote is short and sweet and can be related to many situations throughout my, or probably anyone else's day. There are times when work or something will bum me out and I feel like I have no will to go on, but I know inside of me there is a way I can push and strive to do what I need to.

All was created in PhotoShop.

Stock texture is from ~bashcorpo. Thank you for all those great grungy textures!

Please comment and critique and let me know what you think. Feel free to say what you need. I greatly appreciate it!:-)
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I typed "motivation" in DA search-box, your deviation stood out most. <3 
Gr8 Tips !!
Thanks for sharing. Even i found something very motivational
  Read Inspirational Stories
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Your typographic creations are awesome! Excellent work
DoodleBug253's avatar
where there is a will there is a way..... awesome. x3
tsp1's avatar
MurderTheWolfWrote's avatar
God of type . This is incredible , i love your work
DenasiaTheKat's avatar
so true and great job
camecame's avatar
omg it so har to readdddddd, oh i get it now heehee
super0417's avatar
what type of font you use
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I like it but at the first time I didn't know what sentence is written on it but the design is brilliant.:)
xyvette's avatar
THIZ IZ CREATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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My mother told me "Where there's a whip (grabs belt), there's a way.."

I never heard this one before... This sounds so much nicer than what mummy told me.
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Mr Badger sir, I asked your permission to get this piece done as a tattoo and you agreed, asking that I upload a photo of the finished piece, so here you are sir, the link to my tattoo: [link]
Thank you for producing such an awesome piece of art that is now part of me forever!
MrBadger's avatar
I am honored. It's an incredible feeling to know you praised this piece enough to make it a part of your life forever. Thank you my friend. I love it.
Vanskof's avatar
A friend of mine featured my tattoo on her blog, and gave you recognition for the design. Have a look: [link]
Vanskof's avatar
I loved the piece from the moment I saw it, It's something I live my life by and its my pleasure to carry your art with me wherever I go!
4164120003's avatar
the layout and the colour scheme are cool but I think the quote is a bit hard to read if i hadn't read your description I wouldn't have figured out what it said
Vanskof's avatar
As i said before ive used this design and edited it so i can get it done as a tattoo...i am trying to do a second tattoo with a similar style on my other shoulderblade so i can have matching ink on each shoulder. Please tell me what font you used for this, i absolutely love it. In case i never showed you, my final tattoo design for my right shoulderblade, based on this, is located here [link]
please let me know what you think, ill show you my new tattoo when its done, please tell me the name of the font you used here though, its simplicity makes it all the more powerful.
Vanskof's avatar
This design is one of my favourite of all time, i am even going to get a redesign as a tattoo on my you mind that?
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