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"Design is what you do when you don't yet know what you are doing"

Comments and critiques are welcome! Enjoy! :D

Oh, this is not my quote by the way. I simply found it online :)
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design is what you when do you don't yet what know you are doing?
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Hello there! My name's Jason, and I'm a co-founder of a new startup business, Cognitech.
As the name may imply, we are heavily involved with technology, and currently we are looking for designers and programmers to help us get further into being a full company.
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We would prefer you to state your age, name, and skills, and (if possible) include examples of your work that you are proud of.
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Good jobs, lletters or typography. Fantastic, I m learning graphic design. Then looking my jobs in my website
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XD It's so true, this every day of my life as a graphic design student. I've seen this sort of thing with type before, but I've never understood how you do it. How'd you figure out what size to make the letters and where to put them? Did you plan it out or just experiment until it looked right? I like this, its got a good, clear typeface, a great colorscheme, and a nice flow, though some of the words are a bit hard to follow, namely the "yet," where it goes in the phrase is a little awkward. Overall, I like it, I wanna make stuff like this. You did a good job. X3
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Nice work.
Used this as my fb cover.
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Nice Work...........Please check my work..........
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As cool as this looks, it's quite hard to follow. 
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Is there a reason behind the way you placed the text?
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As a design student I couldn't agree more:)
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It's very interesting, however for me it was hard to read at first until I read your quote at the bottom. At first I sort of was thinking it was a "choose your own adventure" type of thing.

It looks nice, but reading it was my biggest thing. It may have just been me though. I love the colors and it pulls the eye straight through!
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i quite enjoy this, id like to see it in a bit of a darker or lighter color tone but its rather good
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