This guy needs to stop attacking rape victims -
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By MrAwesome42
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SilverStarApple thinks it's "cancerous" to not stalk rape victims on DA then he immediately blocks me after making the post below.

How many my little pony play sets can you fit in your parent's basement, anyway?
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N0-Username got banned.
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Great to know.
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Akhnaton-IIHobbyist Digital Artist
All the people below are kinda weird. They say "but she's a woman" as if it gives that person the right to behave like a prick.
I say that thing needs to stop attacking rape victims.
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Yep.  Or that person.

Squiglydot616 deleted everything from the conversation I had with her on her page.

It's interesting that she's so obsessed with attacking Brianna even though Brianna left DA over a month before Squig even created a profile.

She's also "not sure" what Brianna did to deserve to be attacked, but she's jumping right in and dog-piling, commenting on just about every thread Brianna ever participated in going back years.
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Akhnaton-IIHobbyist Digital Artist
I don't know. That person invited me to his/her political group some time ago, and when I started submitting my stamps, I found out that it is inhabited by rabid homophobes and anti-feminists. However, I am not going to leave, maybe I will change things there.

I also find this time difference interesting, I suppose she is someone whom Brianna blocked earlier. But at least she is keeping within some limits, not like Neegan6 and LiberalLaxatives, those are simply sick.
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eragoncat07Hobbyist Digital Artist
Actually this guy is a girl. Probably an anti feminist. 
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Yep.  I think the gender display changed about a month ago when I wrote this, but i also could have been mistaken.

At any rate, they're still spending an inordinate amount of time harassing and threatening to kill rape victims.
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Elizabeth-SenpaiHobbyist Digital Artist
Um, hey. Thanks so much for telling me about that guy. I was so scared. 
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I think that personally requesting proof as to whether or not the individual was raped would be problematic and factually questionable at best.  I know nothing about what may have happened. I do not know the girl or the circumstances. I only know what I have read about her from her profile. Young female, aspiring model, Feminist. Disagrees with racism, ect.  Regardless of online gossip, that minimal information gleaned from a single profile certainly doesn't fill the massive expanse of gaps regarding who she is as a person. I once heard of a girl that used to live in my street, apparently she was 12. I heard that she was raped at her school. Messed up story. Perhaps it was true, perhaps it was the product of gossip. I did not personally know her, I certainly wasn't going to knock on her door and ask her to provide proof.

Due to the journal, with posts on DA calling her a cunt and a slut and well, snuff film jokes? Someone even posted a 'Leave (her name) alone' meme… It would even appear that some of the comments may be personally motivated. Some DA member pages look as though they are seeking attention from posting negative comments online and if you check out their profile, while established recently and devoid of any deviations, as if it was a rather brave throw away account. It appears as though they thrive on getting a reaction from others, by posting nasty s**t. There are guys online claiming that they have had false accusations made against them by people in their lives. There is hostility by other DA members, towards the journal post. I think, as a means to understand this issue perhaps it's important to not get emotionally invested. I can understand that if false accusations have been made against these guys, by people that they have known, then it's only human to become angry at claims of an apparent false post. Perhaps such hostility should not be directed at a post that is in some randoms journal? Regardless, she should probably not be called names, threatened and, memed?

The DA member claims that her post is fake appears to have stemmed from an apparent comment where a rape joke was lolled at neetsfagging322297.deviantart.… Other claims state that there are rape fantasies posted online and as such there is no way that an alleged rape victim would post such thoughts. If she is posting, as her journal states, to help others that have been victims then that is up to her, its her business and in my opinion, I can state that I really do not see this post, or the reason behind it, as 'offensive'. I am curious as to the date when the 'lol at rape' comment was made. With links to such comments it is reasonable to understand the frustration and why others may consider this as a troll journal post and question the validity of the actual account. Apparently this alleged assault did go to court? Regardless I am not a councilor, I have no training or knowledge in the effects of shock and trauma so I am reluctant to make statements about the reasons behind apparent actions.  

As an example, you may have heard the story about the child that is abused then later grows up to become a prostitute. It can be agreed that it makes no sense that a child would turn to the streets after such an experience. I know nothing about the psychology of abuse other then Vice documentaries and the media is a questionable source of information. Anyway, apparently there is one theory that suggests that the cycle of victimization is one of the ways in which such individuals have learned to identify themselves and to express their own understanding of their perceived self worth. I am in no way suggesting that victims who get raped were 'looking for it' btw.

Other DA members have posted reply's on her journal that she has not mentioned the negative effects of this assault on men. It's her journal, so perhaps she gets to decide if it's about her. It is known that men get raped too. I once knew of a guy that swore he did not like this woman, despite the fact that she was into him. Apparently he was really drunk one night, it was at a rave, he stated that she took advantage of the situation, and as a result, became pregnant. Who am I to say that this story is false because this happened to a man? Perhaps it's up to the authorities to respond appropriately to such allegations.

There are miscarriages of justice. I recall a story of a grandmother making a claim of rape, she stated that a younger man broke into her home, she requested that he use a condom. The judge threw the case out, stating that it must have been consent due to her request. Along the opposite side of justice, there was the case of a man that was charged with indecent acts toward a teen that he and his wife were fostering. The mas served 10 years, charged as a pedophile. Prior to the charges, he was a pilot that was hired as a crop duster. He was able to prove his innocence after he was able to obtain copies of the flight manuscripts. Why did it take so long? Apparently he had to do everything himself as he had run out of funds. Apparently he also served some time before the case went to court. Anyway, the girls claims were proved to be false as the flight manuscripts stated he was not at home at the time of the alleged abuse. He lost his job, his house, his wife, his business and his own kids. The girl later admitted to lying. When he spoke to the prosecution as to whether they questioned the validity of the girls story they responded with stating that it was not their responsibility to see if he was innocent, they were there to find him guilty. The skeptical view of the 'justice system' is understandable. Unfortunately I cannot find the link to the story, There are just so many hits of people that have served decades, or even been executed, for crimes that they were later proven to be innocent of.

On a side note when Rohypnol hit the clubbing scene date rape was really hard to substantiate, apparently many claims got dismissed because the victims had problems remembering the details. With such extenuating circumstances it's probably the reason why the courts require hard evidence, to hopefully prevent others from being charged with a crime they are otherwise innocent of. Hopefully the justice system does the right thing, hopefully such guilty people do get punished. In an ideal situation, this is what should happen, in a perfect world.
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wakaflockaflame1Hobbyist General Artist
Uh dude...that's a chick...
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Then that chick needs to stop attacking rape victims,

Though when I posted this two weeks ago, they were listed as male. 
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ComradeSchHobbyist Writer
"This guy" is actually a woman, you totalitarian fuckwit.
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She was listed as a guy when I posted this.  She sent a threat to about 100 groups claiming Brianna was lying about her rape.  She demanded Brianna send video footage of her rape or she'd continue to harass her.  She kept it up for weeks and openly talked about getting a "snuff" film of Brianna and killing her on video. 

What is it with you people and wanting to attack and murder rape victims?
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You would not demand "proof" from anyone else who posts about their history and mentions being a victim of a crime.

You've simply decided that you're an anonymous punk judge who jumped in to defend their friend who was rightly rebuffed for demanding a rape video.

Who, incidentally, went on to talk about how awesome it would be to make a snuff film, showing Brianna's murder.

But threatening to kill a rape victim is just fine to you.  You only call people out and terrorize them when they step forward as a rape victim.
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Most victems of crime dont want sympaty for what happened to them. And lieying about rape would be a very douchy thing to do. So thats why people wants some evidence when other people claim they were raped
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Yeah, and most people aren't going to have fucking video evidence of their rape or post legal papers regarding it (or any court case for that matter). The rape victims did not say a person's name so even if she was lying, no one is getting hurt. That said, very few people lie about rape.
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It's not reasonable to harass people and threaten to kill them until they send you a video of their rape.

But it looks like you've threatened to kill her for even less.
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Not a video of their rape just something that proves it like a document or shit, I dont want to take people by just their words. And I never said I was going to kill her
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But you said you hope someone does kill her and you're talking to a lot of people who say they they'll kill her.
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