Don't Buy PineAve's shitty fitness products

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By MrAwesome42
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User PineAve keeps making posts on my page about some shitty fitness products he wants me to buy.

I don't know this person and he keeps commenting, then blocking me.

So if you come across this guy, don't buy his crap.
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It's been 7 months since this journal was posted, but I feel like I need to say this now.

It's nice that you tried to get people to report me for a copypasta without any evidence to support it. I don't even own any fitness products, but you made this journal anyway and you sent your whiteknight Feliciadaily after me. People like you are the reason I'm leaving Deviantart. You people are oversensitive and try to get anyone you don't like banned.

And by the way, I'm a female. Thanks for misgendering me you sexist piece of social justice shit.
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He says he "accidentally" posted a commercial advertisement on your page.  Do you buy that?
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No.  I don't bear the guy any ill-will, but he attacked me when I asked him not to send me any more commercial spam.

I can't imagine that that whole advertisement got "accidentally" posted to my profile, but had he apologized instead of insulting me, I'd have been cool with it.