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I have absolutely no idea where this is supposed to go, why I'm doing this when I'm already involved in the Nightmare Tournament, and why the frick I think I have time to do this.
Ah, a new character! he really is new, only a couple days old! but even then, this isn't totally accurate, as the character he's based off of is only partially there in personality.
I guess I'll upload the original later.
yes, I'm entering the *PCBC.
If you can, reading the picture may be helpful, but for a coherent story rather than a bunch of hand-written notes, look down here.
this may be my favorite icon: :iconwalloftextplz:

Athens was a normal boy from the far-off country of Yooessay who got his first pokemon, Brian the Treecko, at the age of 5. he went to school which specialized in pokemon battling and skills for most of his childhood. While in the library he found the most wonderful book the school didn't even know it had. It was a brown tome of unmeasurable pokemon knowledge, and is soon became his favorite book. he excelled in his classes, and showed a gift for performance and artistry. He finished all thee necessary courses at age 13.
however, the school found him to be a problem, and stole his first monster, who undoubtedly evolved into Grovyle during school, in hopes of keeping a piece of the awesome. Athens and Brian were separated for nearly a year.
Brian quickly made himself a pain in the -bleep- for the school, earning himself a few scars and that tattoo on the arm. Athens could barely hide his despair, but at the urging of his peers, he soon found a Remoraid he named Athena and a cherubi he dubbed Faye.
Athens tried to be normal, but on a seemingly normal and boring day in january, he came to the realization the school that he attended was corrupt. Something snapped, and he quickly taught Athena flamethrower.
Late that night, Athens busted brian out of the prison-like school, in a mask he made in class and with a fish that spewed fire.
the officials were torn; for one, their work just now got revealed and their system was bust, on the other, a guy raided their hideout with a fish. All the monsters they had stolen were freed, nad there was but one book missing from the shelves, one that they didn't even know they had until that day.
Athens began traveling not long afterward, taking on the alias "Black Dragon" after the cloak he perpetually wore and the dragon shaped mask he wore. He took down corruption when he found it, took on battles when challenged, and took the contest world by storm.
He recently found out about the PCBC and tought it would be fun.
Age, 18. height: 6'5 with mask. Built enough to spar with mons and be a good practice, hence a little above average. Likes fun, food, and freedom. dislikes corruption and overbearing rules. never keeps his pokes in their balls, easier for switchouts. has memorized the book where he can name a monster and their type on looks alone.
Battle style: he opens with either brian, faye, or athena, then switches in mid fight to favor the situation. generally quick and ruthless, acts somewhat possessed on the field. Absolutely will not fight dirty or make his mons do anything they cannot do, and for the most part will be a little tougher on Dexter the Sandshrew and more encouraging toward Blossom the bulbasaur.
POKEMONS: (in order of catching/receiving)
Name, Specie, type, ability, held item

Brian; Sceptile; Grass type; Overgrow ability; Dawn Stone
-Brian is the modest powerhouse on the team. he specializes in physical brawling, using his natural speed for swift attacks. acts as second in command, and is basically the grandfather in the family, with Athens being the father. Closest to Athens, generally first choice for battles.
Leaf Blade, Aerial Ace, Thunderpunch, Detect

Athena; Octillery; water type; sniper Ability; no item.
-Athena is the special cannon that never leaves Athens' side, even in battle. she sticks close to Athens and waits for his hand command for direction and his call for the ammo. she is placid and wise, acting as the mother in the group. Very proud of her power.
Octozooka, charge beam, Flamethrower, Ice Beam

Faye; cherrim; Grass type; Flower Gift Ability; Sun Stone
-The crazy uncle. Yes, the uncle. He is the third strongest battler in the group, and likes to remain upbeat even in the worst situations. looks cool without even trying. he very well might be gay, but no one really has confirmed this, as he flirts with danger as much as he does with other guy plant pokemon. (plants themselves have both parts, so the plant pokemon gender issue is very much an odd topic.)
sunny day, solarbeam, magical leaf, Grass knot

Blossom; Bulbasaur; Grass/Poison type; overgrow ability; no item
-extremely shy and not very self-confident, Blossom the shiny Bulbasaur has a ton of power, but doesn't like to show it. she rarely pulls good attacks, using her Secret Power technique to hide initially. She is the target of verbal abuse from dexter due to her insecurity. Athens and the older pokemon believe in her though, and always encourage her to do her best.
Secret Power, Sleep powder, double Team, Leaf Storm

Dexter; sandshrew; Ground type; sand veil; no item
-overconfident and abrasive, dexter teases and yells at blossom all the time, then gets in trouble with the Older heads. he does fight well, but never puts full effort into it. he is considered the middle child, with blossom his older sister and Charm his younger brother. He has confidence problems as well, but hides it by being overbearing and abrasive.
Earthquake, sandstorm, defense curl, Double Edge

charm; charmander; fire type; blaze ability; teddy (his doll.)
-Very young, charm has unlocked potential that can be let loose in battle when encouraged. he is very naive and never goes anywhere without his (albeit fireproof) Teddy bear. is something of a wild card. very innocent and impressionable. "Uncle" Faye absolutely adores the little dragon, and charm loves the crazy cherry blossom.
Heat Wave, (pardon my mistake, charmander, surprisingly to me, in fact cannot learn solarbeam, so the ref is wrong, this is right) Will-o-wisp , Dragon Claw, smokescreen
yes it is a :iconwalloftextplz: suck it up and deal with it.
almost forgot! pokemon (c) gamefreak
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Y'know, your team might be generally effective agains't mine, but jesus christ my TRAINER could kill them all himself.