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The full ref for, well, any other Pokemon themed tournament s with this guy.
Like *Pokemon-League

Costume Note: He is wearing a mask and gloves. He is not anthro/furry. I'm sorry if I caused confusion due to the way I've drawn things. I will make an effort to make it more mask-like, but Athens is not furry. Thank you.

EDIT: Have a costume ref [link]
and an old ref [link]

Note to PL'ers. I will update when I can, but for the time being, I probably will only be able to do splash battles. In the meantime, I won't have the time to put any effort into a comic right now. Sorry!



Athens was a young man who suffered a terrible experience at a miserable school involving the kidnapping of his first Pokemon, Brian the then Grovyle. the school's corruption was well known, but above the authorities. He eventually broke all of the kidnapped Pokemon with a flame-throwing Remoraid and blindingly bright Cherrubi, and took an ancient relic form the school that shouldn't have been there in the first place.

He began traveling not long after, and took on the world of contests in order to gain some recognition in his line of work, seeing as straight battling to be to boring.

He joined the PCBC and met two opponents, a mobster named Julie Carbonara and a talented coordinator named Willow Reed. He lost to Willow, and though he fought and won his fight with Julie, the fight left Brian horribly burned, and didn't count as a true victory. Athens was booted from the PCBC the day after his birthday, staying only one more day to pick up his now severely weakened Sceptile from the local Pokemon center.

for the next year, he traveled some more, earned two more ribbons, but fell easily in the next three contests. Brian felt left out, and tried to compete, but couldn't quite manage to stay up to any opponents for longer than a minute. Brian was about to be forced into retirement when a short old woman with a giant silver afro approached the two, saying that she could heal Brian's severe wound, free of charge.

Two days later, nothing could stop Brian. Athens was forever grateful to this old lady, and she replied it was nothing. She also was a trainer, and promptly challenged Athens to a fight.

Grandma Joanne and Athens became close friends, and they remained in touch for a long time after that.

Having lost in the PCBC made Athens re-think his overall battle strategy. He started to memorize even more of his book, and soon picked up the Pokemon language. His mental breakdowns are fewer and further between, much to Faye's relief, but now Athens posses more of a tactical mind in fights, picking out weak points and openings like a strategist.

At 20 years old, he is still young and is still learning. He portrays an air of elegance, and acts like a gentleman to everyone. A performer at heart, he travels around entering contests whenever he can. Should be worth noting he has 23 ribbons now, and 8 badges. He's competed in the Grand Festival a couple of times, but has yet to reach higher than top 16. can and will swap out monster's moves for various contests, so the following moves are the most common moves he has on them. Prefers Double Battles or Contest fights.

Name, Specie, Ability, Item

Brian, Sceptile, Overgrow, Dawn Stone
(Leaf Blade, Thunder Punch, Aerial Ace, Detect)
- due to his long history with Athens, Brian is the strongest on the team. He has an incredible knack for physical attacks, as both his trainer and himself prefer the move Aerial Ace due to it's speed-enhancing effects. Brian is very modest about his abilities, but also has confidence. Wise and strong, he has seen quite a number of battles.

Faye, Cherrim, Flower Gift, Sun Stone
(Sunny Day, Solar Beam, Magical Leaf, Aromatherapy)
- Faye retains his personal flair and knack for performance after teh events of the PCBC. Knowing how to care for others makes him an important member of the team, and learned the move Aromatherapy to make himslef the undisputed "healer". Faye adores doting on the young'ns, especially the young charm and Eli. Faye is gay, and proud of it. Prefers special techniques. The sun stone around his neck keeps him in "open" form, and should it be removed in the absence of sunlight, he'll revert to a depressed, almost goth-like closed Cherrim. It scares people, really.

Charm, Charmander, Blaze, Doll
(Dragon Claw, Heat Wave, Will-o-Wisp, Smokescreen)
- The second-youngest of the group, Charm is just a toddler. Left behind in the care of Athena when Athens made his trip to Grandma Jo's, Charm hasn't seen much outside of the occasional contest. He has unlocked some pretty nasty potential, and his attacks pack a massive wallop despite his cute looks. He is best friends with his "little sister" Eli, "Big brother" Dexter, "Big Sister" Blossom and "Uncle" Faye, Seeing Brian as Grandpa. He is very naive, and can get into serious trouble if not watched.

Eli, Natu, Synchronize, No Item
(Psychic, thunderwave, Solarbeam, Heat Wave)
- Relatively new to the team, Eli was caught on the road to Grandma Jo's. She is younger than charm and actually smaller than other Natu. she is cute and very young, and tags along with Charm and Faye on little adventures. Like Charm, she has some devastating techniques, and her move set is surprising even to her trainer.

Blossom, Ivysaur (shiny), Overgrow, No Item
(Nature Power, Razor Wind, Leaf Storm, Sleep Powder)
Note: Iysaur can learn Razor Wind, but only in the Red/blue/yellow games. Figuring that since PCBC let people have their monsters know any move form any generation, I figure this is legal.
- Blossom finally grew some confidence, and does she show it. She has shown to be an excellent fighter, preferring to manipulate her surroundings than directly attack her opponents. She and Dexter get along well nowadays, and they play off of each other very well.

Dexter, Sandslash, Sand Veil, No Item
(Earthquake, Sandstorm, Defense Curl, Rollout)
- Dexter is tough and rough, but has finally got it through his skull that there are otehr people besides him. He tries to get along with the others, and has grown closer to Blossom. He isn't all that bright, though, and can make some stupid mistakes. He likes to have fun and flaunt his strength.

Let the games begin!
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hey, I'm drawing him and have one question: does his mask have a hinge jaw that moves with his or is it stationary?