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Black Tourney: Final Round
It is the basement of the contest building, and we are staring at two different sides. One has a large, ominous man in a fedora and coat in all black, making any and all physics of light fail on him. On the other, a man with blood-stained bandages across his abdomen and left chest under a long coat and overcoat in a mask. He's surrounded by six different monsters, each one staring intently at the man in the fedora. There is a door with screaming coming from behind it. It is dark in this room, with light streaming from the doorway. The final battle.
MC: Well, fancy that. The one person who came to find these morsels, and it's the zombie.
BD: I don't have time for this, MC. Why are you so reluctant to show your face to me?
MC: You're one to talk. Heh, I don't need to change into my real form. You're being futile.
Billy: Stand back boys! I've been hankerin' for a fight for a long time now! (she and Kidd step forward, with Billy swinging her arm about. BD holds his hand out in front of her)
BD: Trust me when I say this, Billy, but I need you for a different task. (his eyes dart to the door) Brian, Faye, one last performance! Billy, Dexter, give yourselves cover! Blossom, lead them to the hostages, and get them out!
All: Right!
COVER: Black Tourney Finale: Endgame
(Billy and Dexter summon Sandstorm, and follow Blossom as she leads them to the Door. Brain and Faye leap out in front of BD and prepare to fight. The MC launches Aura Sphere, and Faye uses Weather Ball. The two collide and negate. MC tries to throw tendrils at them with Dark Pulse, Kidd dodges and parries with Needle Arm and Brian with Aerial Ace. Flashback to beginning of synopsis)
Junction: We've fought and played the MC's games, we've wrested from his power, he's reduced our numbers and friends, and we are done! (Group cheer) Anne Louise and Calli have traversed and are fighting the MC now, are we going to sit back and hope for the best? NO! We are going to help them in any way we can! (another group cheer)
(during this rally, Sandy notes BD's missing, and heading away from the group. She follows)
Sandy: Where do you think you're going?
BD: To find the others.
Sandy: Which other- You mean like Chocolate and Osburn?
BD: (whispering)Sepia and Ozric (normal) but yes. They disappeared, and have been gone for too long. I have to make sure they're safe.
Sandy: Not in that state you're not. Look, they drifted down the hallways without a trace, you're in no shape to go looking for them now. Stick with the group and we'll look-
BD: No. I'm looking for them now.
Sandy: Do you hear what you're saying? You're acting like a freaking Zubatman when you are in no shape to do so. You're pushing help away and moving alone when just a few hours ago you were all about working together and teamwork!
BD: You think I'm doing this for my own peace of mind? If I were any other person, I'd have never entered the contest hall, fought all the people he did, gambled with guns, and put other people's lives on the line with my violent and insane outbursts! If I felt like appeasing my own needs, I'd just lie down, pass out, and sleep until this whole mess was over! This isn't about me; I have to find the others, and rescue them.
(We segue back into the battle, where BD is working on distracting the MC away from the targets of The other Pokes, while Billy picks the locks on the door.)
Dexter: Why can't we just break the door down and be done with it Billy?
Blossom: Because there are people on the other side! We may hurt them if we did!
Dexter: That's a pretty lame-
Blossom: Dexter!
(Dexter, Kidd, Brian and Faye are all hitting the MC's attacks to and fro, with Kidd and Dexter as defense only. Kidd uses Thunderpunch/Needle Arm combo to knock one attack away, while Dexter uses Earthquake on another to destroy another.)
Faye: How close are you to being done, Billy?
Billy: Almost have it kids! Hold yer horses! (click) Got it!
BD: Alright then, Kidd! The ceiling! Blossom, stairs! Nature Power, go!
(Kidd leaps out of the fight and starts needle arm-ing the roof, breaking it open. Blossom uses her Nature power to take the props and debris and make an escalator type thing. The hostages step out and are loaded up and out.)
MC: Not a chance, whelps! (he tries to attack. Get's the attack redirected and blocked by Brian and Dexter. He is eventually tied down by various attacks) NO!
Sandy: No. You're still thinking of only yourself. Look at yourself, look at your Pokemon, look at your friends! You have to think of those of us here, with you! Look at your Pokemon! They are so worried about your well-being and whether or not you'll still keep standing! You're scaring them. Your friends, Aka, Oliver, Marcus… How'd they act if they found you like this? You're being just as selfish pushing your body past it's breaking point as you would be if you denied help to somebody right in front of you! (twinge of guilt)
BD: (beat) You want to know why I do this to myself?
Sandy: (stares at BD, one part in "yes I'd love to know" and "what's the excuse?")
BD: Brian and I were close when we were young, and we were brutally and violently separated.  No one came to his rescue, I couldn't save him. I was kicked and poisoned and beat- No one came to help. Orre was full of it. Gangs held the many cities in a vice grip, and there was only two policemen for the entire country. Two. You either joined the gang or you stayed out of the way; you learned the hard way. You oppose them, you get beaten. I searched for a year for Brian. One endless year, I found him in the pit fights of the Under, and I got him out…
Sandy: What happened then?
(Switch back to the battle)
Blossom: Last one is out guys!
BD: Good job, Blossom! (the MC fires an attack to Blossom and Ko-s her and her bridge.)
Billy: Blossom! (she flies through the hole, and Kidd catches her.)
BD: Shit! Faye, Brian, we're going to have to beat this one! (the two of them wheeled around and started the offensive. For a while, they fight, but each time they fought, the attacks make him stronger, and each attack becomes their own undoing. BD looks on) I wish I could help… the MC's attacks are strong, but they're getting stronger… why is that the case… we should be able to do some damage… Wait… It's been all about bloodbath ever since we started… maybe he…  (Calling out) Heh, nice trick of yours, MC! You forbade appeals early on; I wondered why! Well, I think I figured out why! Brian, Faye! Action!
Brian: What is he doing!?
Faye: I know what he wants! Sucks to be you MC!
MC: Where are you going!?
BD: Faye, Safegaurd! Both of you: Petal dance and Aerial Ace!
MC: Where are you going!? Stay and fight! (Hyperbeam obliterates the wall)
BD: Faye, Energy Ball and Sunny Day! Brian, Aerial Ace and Earthquake! (The combo makes fireworks. MC cringes away from the light. He Launches flying objects)
BD: Faye, Weather Ball! Brian, Thunder Punch! (The combo creates a "thunderstormball" which fires off plasma orb that negates the attack. )
MC: Why are you being flashy at a time like this?! Stay still and fight! (Hyperbeam charge)
BD: Sunny day, Synthesis, Thunderpunch!
Faye: Get it fern-butt?
Brian: Just help me use Synthesis! (they start shining, and brain slamming his thunderpunchs together amps it up to 11. The MC missed by being blinded again. This hyperbeam hits the wall, but does noticeably less damage) Now I see it!
MC: (notices as well) I see what you're playing at. However, I'm far from done. (turns to BD) Unlike you. (attacks BD)
(BD flies from the attack. We hear BD and Sandy.)
Sandy: You don't know?
BD: It happened so fast, but I remember it clearly. There are two memories that haunt me, one was the day I lost Brian, the other when I got him back. (we're flashbacking at this point. All while he talks, we're viewing this memory of his) When I came to the Under, I was scared. There were so many trainers, so many poachers, so many thieves, and they all headed to one place: the Pit. The pit was where the dogfights happened. They were built like the ancient Gladiators: the trainer would fight a "wild" Pokemon. I was swept into watching, and saw Brian. He was one of these "wild" Pokemon. He was scarred and worn, but I knew it was him. He managed to remain alive the rest of the night; How he did it I'll never know. Eventually he was taser-ed and locked away for the night. Faye and my Remoraid took the room by storm. I was horrified by what I saw: hundreds of captive Pokemon, some with their spirit obviously broken, others still hanging onto that last glimmer of hope that someday it will be over. Something burned inside of me, and I raised hell. (visuals of Faye using sunny day to light up the place, and Athena using Flamethrower and Fire Blast. The place is lit ablaze, all the while BD's knocking locks off with a pipe. He eventually gets to Brian's cage.) The light of the fire hurt my eyes, the heat of the flames was unbearable. Maybe the hinges were rusty and weak, maybe the heat melted the lock, but when I found Brian, I was overcome with an insane feeling of power. I then saw Brian's eyes. They were filled with Joy and fear at the same time, and it was then I realized I was a monster. I couldn't stop if I wanted to. We were found out, and before anything else happened, Brian Evolved. He helped Faye, Athena and I escape that night. (We're done with the flashbacks in a flashback. We're back to Sandy and BD) From then on, I knew that whenever I saw inhumane shitters like that, I had to do something. Anything. My blood boiled at the thought. I was a dragon; a monster. Faye caught onto my Post Traumatic afterwards. But that burning feeling remained. I have to help, no matter what. That's why I came.
Sandy: (Is silent and turns and walks away, calmly stating) The rest of the contestants are in the basement. They are being held prisoner down there; I accidentally fell into the basement when I was traveling through the air vents. You can go there if you want, I won't try to stop you.
BD: Thanks you, Miss Sandy. (He turns to head to the basement)
Sandy: Like I could stop you… (end the last of the flashbacks)
(Faye and Brian are totally flabbergasted by this maneuver, and BD hits the ground with an unmoving thud. The two of them ready and launch a Leaf Blade/synthesis/weather ball combo. It manifests itself as a lunar archery attack. They fire and hit the MC in the shoulder, throwing him against the wall.)
MC: Ugh, how I loathe the moon! How dare you hit me with that damn Artemis's skill! (Faye and Brian are in silent Rage mode. Suddenly…)
(Big Damn Heroes moment with Sandy leading Aka, Oliver, Sepia, Ozric, Marcus, and Billy and Kidd bursting through the ceiling)
Sandy: Surprise, you demonic sonnova-!
MC: You again!? Die!
Billy: Remember what that Gay-ass Ninetales said! (Ingrain into Kidd, followed by a thunderpunch/needle arm combo. Lights up billy's flower and all the needles) Cactus Art 12! Sewing Spider Needles!
Ozric and Sepia trading off: Rollout, Hidden Power, Power Gem! (subtitle: Improv Disco Night)
Ozric: Screw your negative emotions crap!
Sepia: Your reign of terror is over!
Sandy: Our light brings you down! Our hope drives you down! Time to end it! (notices BD on the ground, and her eyes widen during the next attack she's rushed over to him)
Aka: Saur, Solarbeam!
Oliver: Duke, Bite and Extreme Speed!! (saur's solarbeam is caught and rushed around into a "Solar Cyclone" with Extreme Speed)
MC: (Screams and dissipates the cyclone, his demonic appearance looking more like a demonic Darkrai than anything.) You've had your fun! I am not going to be felled by some stupid, weak, insignificant mortals like you!  (Spatial Rend cuts the floor in two. Everyone dodges, revealing Faye and Brian's Angel technique. They are powering up Weather Ball and Thunder Punch, glowing as they try to charge up solarbeam)
Marcus: They're gathering sunlight guys!
Oliver: We should speed it up! The ceiling! (Solly and Candy destroy the ceiling with psychic and sky uppercut. They reveal the night sky and the full moon)
Oliver: Guys! His power's fading! The Sky's back!! Speed up their attack with Sunny Day, Duke!! (the orb of sun energy empowers the moon, and bathes the duo in light)
MC: enough foolish games. I banish you all to forwever sufferin DARK VOID. (dark void is launched, but is reflected by the angel orb. The light reflects and everything is bathed inits light.
Scene Change.
BD: (flutters awake in a hospital bed. He blinks and shields his eyes, and someone hands him his mask. He puts it on, and is surprised by the group around him.)
Sandy: Good morning, sleeping beauty!
BD: Sandy? Oliver, Marcus? Ozric? (sees him) Kamata!?
Kamata: Hello, Mr. Runner. Nice to see you in one piece.
BD: I'm in trouble for not letting you know I left, aren't I?
Kamata: I'll let it slide if you get all the work you missed done.
BD: Yes sir.
Oliver: Oh man, I'm so glad to see you awake! I was so worried!
Sandy: Oliver, relax. He just woke up…
BD: Sandy! What happened? I remember getting pounded by the MC-
Sandy: You passed out. But your little troopers saved us all, some crazy angel appeal or something… MC was vaporized on the spot- nothing remained of him.
BD: So… it's over?
Sandy: It's over.
BD: (Lies back and sighs)
What I planned for the final round, yet didn't do. Sorry guys :c
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