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Clothes ref Athens



Thrown together quickly and sporadically.

Due to confusion of whether or not Athens was a furry (what with me emoting his mask and the surprising lack of visible skin), I put up what he is actually wearing.

The cloak was picked up after watching Count of Monte Cristo, an upgrade from that pitiful excuse for a cape. The suit due to wanting to make an impression on people when he walked out on stage, and the Mask was an art project when he was in school. The vest is blue.

Because this Athens was initially based off of another character of mine, he shares physical resemblance, including the brown hair and silver eyes (that one's explanation is a genetic defect in the eye pigmentation; baby eyes when they first exit the womb are gray. The hair is brown because he dyes it. The white hair roots can be seen today). Stature and build are the same (Tall and skinny), with an apparent dislike of the cold and a large heat tolerance (what with wearing so many layers of clothing). Due to being albino, he can't stay in the sun for long periods of time, otherwise he risks intense burns.

Sorry for the confusion.
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xD Darn it I couldn't find it!
Buuut at least we have very similar handwriting. :meow: