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Black Tourney: Tui and La 1



Tablet's fine, entry will be up tonight.

Still, the quality on this round sucks so hard. I apologize; I was trying something, and I don't think it worked too well.

EDIT: Now I will write my usual notes concerning the round in betwixt genetics work...

In terms of this actual round, I was kinda excited. ~Pokemon-no-Rakuen (aka ~Ookami-Mangetsu) and I have entered many of the same OCT's, and this was really the first time we faced off one-on-one.

Her character Sepia was an amazing and energetic character, though like all of my opponents, I neurotically think I messed up on characterization. Her choice of monsters was interesting as well. Both of them were pink, and they both had special moves, somehting I''ll get into later.

BD and Brian in the last line are acting as if Faye said something, because in many cases like this, Faye interjects with some rash behavioral remark. Funny thing is: the Cherrim I based Faye off of does have a rash nature. Nerd talk ftw.

Sepia, Monxide, and Radon belong to ~Ookami-Mangetsu/~Pokemon-no-Rakuen
Ozric and Tantor belong to ~Cathto
Kate and Lazuli belong to ~CrayolaSquirrel
Marcus and Butler belong to ~MarkyVigoroth
The MC belongs to... one of the people at *PokemonSuperContests, as well as the whole Black Tourney
Black Dragon, Brian, and Faye are mine
Pokemon belongs to Gamefreak

next: [link]
Last Round: [link]
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Augh....I feel so bad for not getting all my stuff in on time...I have the next page drawn out but....
I'm pretty sure you're gonna win