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Black Tourney: Snake Eyes 4



Bonus page tonight guys! Also the last of the pen pages. Wasn't sitting right with me, especially BD and the BG. Switching over to pencil for the rest of the pages, if only because I can erase those lines....

So close yet so far away. I actually liked these last two pages because of the exposition of BD's mental disorder. Also: I like the top panel. It's supposed to be Orre, but y'know, I kinda suck at drawing :/

I'm thinking I may make cuts to the script, if only because it's too much exposition and too little "getting to the point." Plus: I need to shave this down a bit. Unfortunately It only takes away about 5 pages total, the cuts I'm thinking, so this still is hovering well over 45 pages.

also: Censoring method may change. In fact: style of comic subject to change.

Linking to come shortly. Head isn't on shoulders right now, gotta chase it down, hence erratic changes in media and such.

PS: Every old lady I know calls their other lady friends "girlfriend". I figure Dottie is no exception.

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I see you cut a bit of Butler's speech here...