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Black Tourney: Snake Eyes 1



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Page one for the Black Tourney VS ~Claamchowder's Oliver. These are going to b coming slowly-ish... ah screw it, I don't have the foggiest conception of when the next page'll come. Though, by the 17th, I'll have all 50 pages done to some degree.

The big dilemma with this round is that now I have an obsessive need to ink every comic I have, but I certainly do not want to dedicate all my ink to this one comic. So I was bouncing ideas off my brother, and we came to the conclusion of ballpoint pen. I then remembered that I can draw a ballpoint drawing without pencils, so now all that is left to do is draw this blasted thing in pen and I'm done! (and ballpoint pens are cheep too! I can use as many as I want!)

Oh well. I'm done for the night, have the first page.

Credits, just like in the old movies:
*Blue-Uncia Sandy, Solly, Candy, Tarim, Aiko, Fang Sca, Quartz
~Pokemon-no-Rakuen Sepia, Radon, Monoxide
~Cathto Ozric, Kali, Tantor
~MarkyVigoroth Marcus, Butler, Forrest
~CrayolaSquirrel Kate, Lazuli
~Claamchowder Oliver, Duke, Chris
~Eeveegou Dottie, Peanut
*chief-orc Chief, Bulkhead, Capone
~ToddM Toxic Isaac (cuz all he did was dip himself in funtimejuice and avoid dental hygiene forever)
:dev... You don't get to find out the judge till I introduce them.
~PokemonSuperContests MC, Tourney
~Athens025 BD, Faye, Brain, Mary Sue, Blossom, Dexter, Billy, Kidd
Gamefreak: Pokemon

Covering my bases here...

Edit: okay wow I Forgot to ink Kate's mouth in the second panel that was weird.
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which one of them is the mary sue?