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Black Tourney R3 Cover



Cover page for the :iconpokemonsupercontests:

This is all you guys will get until I finish the actual entry. All 30 pages of it.

If you want to see the full 2000 x 4000 or something you can download, though I wouldn't recommend it.

Actually way behind schedule in the pencils... want them done this week. Only got up to pg 8 though... should go quicker once I get to the actual fight.

Go see ~Blue-Uncia's progress! It blows my stuff out of the water for sure! -> [link]

Don't ask how long. Used the quill to ink this, mostly for practice, think I got the hang of the bowl nib. Then photoshop for the eye-raping colorz. Good thing I signed up for color theory next quarter, because damn. I suck hard in color...

Catch you peeps when I finish my dot project.

Round 2: [link]
Next: [link]
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Oooh, looks like it'll be a pretty heavy fight. Can't wait to see it! :D
Love the expressions and poses.
Oh, and lol @ Solly in shorts. :XD: