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Dexter's arms swept into the air, summoning a great sandstorm. The sweeping dust and debris kicked up by the massive wind hurdled through the air, knocking the cement into tiny pieces. The air became thick and dry; the entire team became hidden in the tan storm. Erupting from the huge plume came two Pokémon: A Cherrim who was in surprisingly good condition despite having part of the same hellish tournament as everyone else, and an old worn Sceptile, having his already aged body adorned with some blackened skin all up his right side, and his right arm loosely wrapped in what remained of Athens's cape. Faye's pink petals flapped through the air as he aimed point blank for the MC; Brian's leaves grew sharper by the second, ready to slice the demonic MC down to ribbons in seconds flat.

The MC stared as the advancing duo, and calmly raised up an orb of his pure black aura, ready to fire at dangerously close range. Faye gathered the energy of the sky into his hands, the growing power solidified into an orb, and drew energy form the speeding sand and dust behind him. The stones entered the orb and crystallized, forming a destructive gem in the center. Faye hoped that this flashy technique of his had enough destructive power to ward off the monstrosity…

Hidden in the whips and whorls of the winds rushed four other Pokemon. Athens's plan was simple; Use the Sandstorm to hide a group of Pokemon as they rush to the door locking the losing contestants in a pitch-black chamber, hoping to get them out of the basement and out of this particular hellish pit. Blossom lead the way, with Dexter, Billy, and Kidd in hot pursuit.

The aura and Weather Ball collided. The sheer force of the collision blew holes in the stormy veil.

Mc then directed an attack toward Blossom. The once humanoid hand rocketed out at alarming speed, writhing and growing into a monstrous claw. Kidd took action.

His arm needles lengthened to baffling lengths. With a long sweep, Kidd's Needle Arm attack ripped through the claw like it was tissue paper.

The Ninetales screamed, rallying the group into a frenzied cheer.

"We've fought and played the MC's games, we've wrested from his power, he's reduced our numbers and friends, and we are done! (Group cheer) Anne Louise and Calli have traversed and are fighting the MC now, are we going to sit back and hope for the best? NO! We are going to help them in any way we can! (another group cheer)"

Sandy looked back and saw on contestant leaving. Athens had hobbled off with his Pokemon, all six of them, and seemed just as dead-set driven to do something. Sandy knew that it was probably going to get him into trouble; any trouble at this point would make the first aid she just administered to him moot. The new cloak swished behind him, his Pokemon walked in all manner of directions around him. Sandy cleared her throat and called out.

"Where do you think you're going?" she demanded.

"I'm going to find the others." Athens curtly replied.

"What do you- You mean like Chocolate and Osburn?"
"Sepia and Ozric but yes. They disappeared, and have been gone for too long. I have to make sure they're safe."
"Not in that state you're not. Look, they drifted down the hallways without a trace, you're in no shape to go looking for them now. Stick with the group and we'll look"-
"No. I'm looking for them now."
"Do you hear what you're saying? You're acting like a freaking Zubatman when you are in no shape to do so. You're pushing help away and moving alone when just a few hours ago you were all about working together and teamwork!"
"You think I'm doing this for my own peace of mind? If I were any other person, I'd have never entered the contest hall, fought all the people he did, gambled with guns, and put other people's lives on the line with my violent and insane outbursts! If I felt like appeasing my own needs, I'd just lie down, pass out, and sleep until this whole mess was over! This isn't about me; I have to find the others, and rescue them."

The sandstorm had died down, but the battle escalated. Billy hastily tried to pick the lock on the door, Dexter, Blossom and Kidd standing watch. The MC was getting assaulted from multiple directions, Brian unleashed attack after attack, drawing the MC's attention away from the door. Faye ensured that the MC never got used to the speed of Brian's assaults, and bombarded the MC with a flurry of special attacks. In a small window of opportunity, the MC fired off a mass of horrible shadow energy at the door with the speed and force of a cannonball, with every intention of killing all who stood in its path. Dexter saw the orb and shot forward, punching this orb with his claws and unleashing a shockwave into the orb. Had the orb been a planet, it would've suffered the worst earthquake it ever would have. The energy shattered and vaporized.

Faye calls over to Billy, busy trying to pick the lock on the door.
"How close are you to being done, sugarplum?"
"I've almost got it, hang on!"
*click* "Got it!"

Athens heard it from across the room. Working fast, he called out the orders for the next phase.
"Blossom, Nature Power! Give us some stairs! Kidd, Needle Arm the ceiling!"

Props and scenery left in the basement from before the tournament even began rose from their places. The dusty pieces hovered slowly as Blossom poured every ounce of concentration she could into carrying as many props as possible. Slowly, they join together, and the strain of moving objects and violating laws of motion ease off, granting Blossom a greater ease of sustaining the stairway.
"The stairs are done!"

One by one, trainers stumbled out of the pitch black room and were escorted up the stairs by the Cacnea and Sandslash. The MC was not amused by this antic.

He shot out tendrils to snatch up his victims and future meals, only to find them redirected and gathered by the stupid Sceptile and its little pink friend.

The MC let out a blood curdling, screeching "NO!" as his prisoners escaped.

"No." Sandy glared at the masked idiot.
"You're still thinking of only yourself. Look at yourself, look at your Pokemon, look at your friends! You have to think of those of us here, with you! Look at your Pokemon! They are so worried about your well-being and whether or not you'll still keep standing! You're scaring them. Your friends, Aka, Oliver, Marcus… How'd they act if they found you like this? You're being just as selfish pushing your body past it's breaking point as you would be if you denied help to somebody right in front of you!"

Athens only stood for a moment. He then inhaled slowly.
"You want to know why I do this to myself?"

Sandy stared back, biting back responses of Of course I want to know and what's the excuse?

"Brian and I were close when we were young, and we were brutally and violently separated.  No one came to his rescue, I couldn't save him. I was kicked and poisoned and beat- No one came to help. Orre was full of it. Gangs held the many cities in a vice grip, and there was only two policemen for the entire country. Two. You either joined the gang or you stayed out of the way; you learned the hard way. You oppose them, you get beaten. I searched for a year for Brian. One endless year, I found him in the pit fights of the Under, and I got him out…"

They both stood there for a solid minute.

"What happened then?"

"Last one is out, guys!" Blossom called.

Athens looks over and finds no more straggling contestants. The victims have all left the basement, Billy, Kidd, and Dexter all up the stairs with the large group of prisoners. Blossom is turned toward Athens, with joy and relief in her Ivysaur eyes. Opening his mouth to issue another command, Athens is cut off when a massive surge of darkness shoots out of the ground and strikes Blossom in the gut. Blossom flies into the air, through her stairs, and through the hole in the ceiling. Athens looks on in horror, Billy and Kidd catch the Ivysaur on her way down.

Whipping to the MC, Athens' mind scrambles as he formulates a new plan. He didn't necessarily want to fight the MC; just recue the captured coordinators. He calls out to his remaining fighters.

"Brian, Faye, going to have to beat this one! The rest of you stay out of this!!"

The two plant Pokemon redouble their efforts, hitting the MC with every ounce of their fiber. Leaf Blade, Solarbeam, Earthquake, Thunderpunch, Aerial Ace, Energy Ball, Weather Ball, Hyperbeam, Grass Knot, Magical Leaf… Attack after attack are thrown, and the Mc dodges and counterattacks with increasing ease. Soon, the might of two Solarbeams was not enough to leave a scratch on the MC's coat.

The MC wasn't human. The increased fury of attacks simply proved it. His appearance changed the more he was hit. He soon looked like the monster he really was.

Athens looked on, mind continuing to race. It was becoming harder to think; the blood loss made him woozy, the pain medication was wearing off. He wanted to help, but he felt like he couldn't. He stood his ground.

"I wish I could help… the MC's attacks are strong, but they're getting stronger… why is that the case… we should be able to do some damage… Wait… It's been all about bloodbath ever since we started… maybe he…"

Athens stared down the MC and shouted.

"Heh, nice trick of yours, MC! You forbade appeals early on; I wondered why! Well, I think I figured out why! Brian, Faye! Action!"

Faye and Brian looked at each other quickly. Brian was confused, Faye was grinning madly.
"What is he doing!?"
"I know what he wants! Sucks to be you MC!"

The two rush toward the MC, Faye in the lead. Athens fires off commands he's had memorized for months.

"Faye, Safegaurd! Both of you: Petal Dance and Aerial Ace!"

The two of them shot into the air, glimmering under the green glow of Safegaurd. Faye started releasing small shards of his petals, each piece growing back in its place. Brian swirled in the air as he leapt. The spin was enough to cause them both to rotate in the air, creating a dazzling aura of pink and green to shimmer in the dank basement.

The MC is unamused. He fires off a Hyperbeam, but misses by a mile due to the light of the attack combo. The attack flies off and completely annihilates the wall behind Faye and Brian.

"Faye, Energy Ball and Sunny Day! Brian, Aerial Ace and Earthquake!"

Without missing a beat, Faye fires off an orb of fiery sunshine and an atmospheric orb of Weather ball, this time engulfed in flame. Brian flipped and somersaulted in the air, bringing his spiked tail to the flaming, shining orbs. The three collided, causing the orbs to explode in a fury of white, red and yellow sparks. The fireworks display was highly effective in driving the MC back a few steps.

"Faye, Weather Ball! Brian, Thunder Punch!"

Again with the Weather ball, this time a neutral orb of pressurized air. Brian catches this one and charges his hands with electrical energy, causing the orb to become charged with the power of thunderstorms. The MC fires off a large volley of small, black smoke-like spheres, only to find them obliterated as lightning fires out from the orb at each and every one, completely negating the attack.

"Why are you being flashy at a time like this?! Stay still and fight!" The MC is incredibly annoyed. He charges up another Hyperbeam, with every intent of murdering his adversaries. Athens has this rhythm down. The MC is clearly blinded by his anger, the forces of rage, hatred, sorrow and gloom the contest has brought upon. The light simply forced him to look away from the persistent heroes.

Athens calls another string of attacks, this time Sunny Day, Synthesis, and Thunderpunch. Faye charges the solar power in his body, causing him to glow.

"Get it fern-butt?"
"Just help me use Synthesis!"

The two of them start to shine, their cell's chloroplasts working in overdrive. They both glow in bright golden yellow, Until Brian charges his fists with electricity. He smacks his fists together, causing the charge to arc between his arms and around their bodies, adding a blue-ish glow to their already powerful yellow. The light evens out; warm and cool mix and make light so bright it can only be described with the word, white. The MC misses his mark again, this time the Hyperbeam simply splatters against the back wall, leaving a simple scorch mark as opposed to the massive crater like last time.

"Now I see it!"

"I do too." The MC crowed wickedly. "I see what you're playing at, and I can assure you:

You're entirely out of your league. Yes, they hurt, those appeals, but I'm far from done.

Unlike you."

The MC's fist swings out not for the plants, but their trainer.

Athens takes the hit hard.

Everything blacks out before he even touches the ground.

"You don't know?" Sandy was peering at him as if she were looking over glases.
"It happened so fast, but I remember it clearly. There are two memories that haunt me, one was the day I lost Brian, the other when I got him back. When I came to the Under, I was scared. There were so many trainers, so many poachers, so many thieves, and they all headed to one place: the Pit. The pit was where the dogfights happened. They were built like the ancient Gladiators: the trainer would fight a "wild" Pokemon. I was swept into watching, and saw Brian. He was one of these "wild" Pokemon. He was scarred and worn, but I knew it was him. He managed to remain alive the rest of the night; How he did it I'll never know. Eventually he was taser-ed and locked away for the night. Faye and my Remoraid took the room by storm. I was horrified by what I saw: hundreds of captive Pokemon, some with their spirit obviously broken, others still hanging onto that last glimmer of hope that someday it will be over. Something burned inside of me, and I raised hell. The light of the fire hurt my eyes, the heat of the flames was unbearable. Maybe the hinges were rusty and weak, maybe the heat melted the lock, but when I found Brian, I was overcome with an insane feeling of power. I then saw Brian's eyes. They were filled with Joy and fear at the same time, and it was then I realized I was a monster. I couldn't stop if I wanted to. We were found out, and before anything else happened, Brian Evolved. He helped Faye, Athena and I escape that night. From then on, I knew that whenever I saw inhumane shitters like that, I had to do something. Anything. My blood boiled at the thought. I was a dragon; a monster. Faye caught onto my Post Traumatic afterwards. But that burning feeling remained. I have to help, no matter what. That's why I came."

Sandy simply turned back and walked to the group.

"The rest of the contestants are in the basement. They are being held prisoner down there; I accidentally fell into the basement when I was traveling through the air vents. You can go there if you want, I won't try to stop you."

Athens turned and walked away, thanking Sandy as he did. Sandy could only think that she couldn't have stopped him anyways.

Faye and Brian stared helplessly at their trainer. He was down, he was really down. They had to end this quickly. The MC grew five sizes in the last minute; Their sorrow, fear, and rage fueled him. they had but one more technique, they knew it, and saved it for the Grand Festival. It was their ultimate appeal; their ultimate attack. It had to be done.

With hope in their hearts that this would be it, Brian and Faye faced their adversary. The demon, the MC, would not survive this.

Faye clung to Brian, channeling the last ounces of his power into three simultaneous attacks. His Weather Ball floated and flickered with the might of Faye's Sunny Day; Faye was glowing in a white hot fervor. He forced the growth of his petals to incredible proportions, they flung out into wings.

Brian grabbed Faye's Weather Ball, feeling the sunlit energy, he channeled Solarbeam into his hands. He forced his body to turn on every cell's available chloroplasts. The sheer speed and energy of the photosynthetic energy added to the Sunny Day's light, the Synthesis was growing. The new wave of power coursed through Brian, and he channeled it into his hands; into the orb of light. The heat of the technique caused them to float in the air, their bodies hurting and aching in places they didn't even realize could hurt.

Their form resembled an angel, a bright light surrounding them like a holy aura. Their mere presence made them seem bigger than the MC, despite him being nearly three times as tall as them at this point. The MC tried to look at them, but couldn't. he tried to aim for them, but couldn't. He was unable to look at them.

The MC was blinded.  The MC tried to fight back. The light burned. It burned it burned at it burned until…

There was nothing left.

The Satanic being was gone.

The hell was over.

And the sun's light flooded the building.

Brian and Faye's light finally stopped, and the two of them dropped to the ground exhausted beyond all belief. They passed out in the sun's rays.

It was finally over
And that's it.

And I'm sure the last thing you need to see after that textwall up there is more words. But I'm feeling wordy right now.

My sentiments form the previous page are still true, but that doesn't mean I disliked the tourney or anyone in it. In all honesty, I haven't had this much fun in an OCT since my first one well over two years ago. I made friends I never dreamed of having, I made some sort of leap in my writing and drawing skill, and most of all, it was a lot of fun.

If there are a few things I can say I loved about this tourney, it would be the people. Yes, the rounds were fun, the themes were fun, the freaking tournament was fun, but it just wouldn't be the same without the people involved. All you peeps from the chat (and now subsequently, skype) were way too awesome for crazy old me. I had a blast hanging out when I did with you guys, and frankly, y'all motivated me to do well in these rounds.

I'm still embarrassed and disappointed that this'll never end up as a comic, much like last round, but the story is done. I'm happy to be a part of it, but damn am I glad to see it done. A year of fun and misadventures, and I'm ready to see it to the end. It's a sense of closure to me; one story ends and another begins.

I could prattle on nonsensically about the same basic stuff for another twelve paragraphs, but in all honesty, I'm very much tired and done. I want to lie down and not draw anything for a week solid, but I can't allow myself to do that. and you know what? y'all instilled this mentality in me.

And I thank you so much for that.

Because I failed to do any cameos really in my entries like at all, I'm going to hopefully start on drawing something in return for all of you who out of dictation of the round or your own volition decided to draw my oddball furry wannabe. And you will shut up and take the art cuz I said so.

Script of what could've been: [link]
© 2010 - 2022 MrAthens
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I get where you're coming from. ;)

It's sort of the same for me. The BT itself was great fun and I loved meeting all the new people in it. But I'm glad the project itself is now over, even though that is still a bit hard to comprehend. It feels like it would never end! XD

On the to piece itself: Wow, that's quite dramatic! And you're right, Sandy would be able to relate to how BD feels. She'd kind of been there herself, though maybe not as badly.

Well done!