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Black Tourney: Breakthrough 1



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Whole bunch of edits onto the first page, so I'm just putting up a new file rather than edit the old one.

First five pages of the 30-some page entry. Careful! It be big.

I must admit, when I came to trying to hatch Sandy, I drew a freaking blank. I mean, yeah I'm new at it, but trying to stay consistent enough though the entry is something that isn't above me. So I just... left her white. Which, in my opinion is good, as the hallucination for her down the road is of a ghosty.

I plan to take tomorrow and have it be a big ol' inking day. By the end of tomorrow, if I don't have the next three parts up, you all have permission to send the hounds after me.

Sandy is so delightfully simple to draw, hypnos are still weird, but now their kick-butt, Kate is so tollerant, Faye has a mind all his own, and Dottie is so delightfully rotund. I mean, I have no rotund characters. I have to fix this now.

On that note: I've met real-life Dotties. I think we all have, and that is why we all love her.

The epic battle stuff, (cuz I know that's why you're even toddling over to my page) will start in part three. So by tomorrow, the battle will have begun.

Sandy, Solly, Candy: ~Blue-Uncia
Dottie, Peanut: ~Eeveegou
Kate, Lazuli: ~CrayolaSquirrel
BD, Brian, Faye: Me
Sepia, Radon, Monoxide: ~Ookami-Mangetsu/~Pokemon-no-Rakuen
Ozric, Tantor, Kali: ~Cathto
Marcus, Butler, Forrest: ~MarkyVigoroth
BigBad, Surt: =BigBadComplex
Zing, Anubis: ~Iron-Zing
Judge: later.
Noodles: ~ToddM
Zachary: ~sarydactl
Pokemon Copyright Gamefreak
for *PokemonSuperContests
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I just don't see how poor Solly can pick up that lady... =/
I envy you for drawing robots... >_> I can barely draw a decent computer.