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Black Dragon to Black Tourney



Like you didn't see this coming. Black Tourney, Black Dragon. Do the math.

The ~PokemonSuperContests is opening up an OCT of sorts to pick itself off the ground, and to do so, the Black Tourney was created. Its got a darker overtone than the other contests, so this makes me excited...

I may or may not be able to comic out pages for it, but I have every intention of splash battling through it. I love drawing action panels, so if I can combine my love of contest entries with that...

Athens "Black Dragon" Runner is a trainer form the Orre Region, and as such, knows how to play for the environment. He's a complete gentleman outside of battle, and completely merciless in battle. Intelligent to a scary degree, he plays you like a violin, right until your downfall in battle. He is capable of understanding Pokemon, speculated to be an awkward psychic skill he picked up.

He wears a mask and extravagant getup always, and usually has a cane for show. He's an albino who burns real easy, but doesn't mind the heat his suit/cloak generates. He adores Grass type Pokemon, especially because of his desert roots.

Brian the Sceptile is his oldest and physically strongest pal, and prefers to use physical moves such as Leaf Blade, Thunderpunch, and Aerial Ace. He appears to use mixed martial arts when fighting, and easily mixes attacks. He's wearing a bit of his costume form the Cool Contest a while back, and his dawn stone around his neck.
Favored moves: Leaf Blade, Detect, Thunderpunch, Aerial Ace.

Faye the Cherrim is the special striker and fabulous caretaker of the group. The second to join the team, he has a relatively high IQ to match his over-the-top techniques. He has an affinity toward light-based attacks, such as Solarbeam and Sunny Day, and draws his open form from the Sun Stone's energy around his neck. it should be worth noting he is gay, and darn proud of it.
Favored moves: Sunny Day, Solarbeam, Magical Leaf, Aromatherapy.

Pokemon League ref is here:[link]

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He's albino? xD Poor guy. I'm quite opposite, the sun cannot hurt me!!!
It looks like Brian is touching his butt...