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BT: Tui and La 9



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Marcus and Butler! Yay!

Marcus left, but ran right back in to the contest hall due to his curiosity. But with the lights out, getting back out is no laughing matter. I don't see the MC in one central room where anyone can barge into. Rather, I see him drifting between rooms, making his presence known, but the odds of finding him slim. Like Latios. Or raikou. or any other roamer.

The whole icepunch+surf+avalance is a combo I wish I could pull in the game. Nobody would survive it...

Faye and BD differ on a couple of points. Faye's hot headed actions get him into serious trouble, and BD prefers to work defensively, almost to the point of losing.

What'cha going to do?
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Even though Butler and Forrest would use titles of respect in the same situations as average people would, Marcus is the only one of the team that uses titles in a liberal sense, so I got a bit confused as to whether Butler or Marcus was talking in the 3rd panel. (I am going on Butler.)

I wonder why you had him speaking in Spanish to Marcus though... not that he would never do...

You still got us correctly here!

...No wonder Mr. Faye gave the (censored?) finger expression; he was bleeding and going to be subject to THAT ATTACK!