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Title says it all. these were things that weren't really sketches or doodles, yet they weren't full drawings either. Kinda a culmination of stuff I drew recently that wasn't for a school project or contest.

Up top are the characters that, if had there been enough time allotted, would've been sent to Deviant Dead. There are still plans of them and zombie apocalypses, don't you worry. It's the skater dude Xander and paranoid little bro Billy. useful, reference-like info for those of you who can read those teeny-tiny notes.

Next is a comparison of when I first started seriously drawing six years ago and the same character now. Its mostly to see if I grew at all... and the answer is extremely obvious. also, just to show people that I was no good when I was younger, and that there was a reason that I never took any art classes in high school.

next are things inspired by the Black Tourney's round 3 entry that Blue-Uncia's been putting up. First is Solly, who was really just a practice with the teacher's markers before going and getting some of my own for a project, the other being the wicked awesome lizard Athens she drew as a hallucination in her entry. I had to draw it for myself for no other reason than: because.
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Woo, Solly!
Very cool, man. :D