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The Night

I not dead, just life is grabbing by my... never mind. Anyway, here is something for episodes long past and Button Mash mourning.

Edit (12/04/14): "Mine at Night" is back! Also drawfriend:…
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R.I.P. Button Mash.
You cried in each of your animations, but with your passing it is we who cry.
Goodnight, sweet prince.
May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.
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Is Button Mash dead?!
ElectroSpanz's avatar
No the Don't Mine At Night thingy is back.
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That is so freaking sad... seriously! I haven't seen too much of Button Mash's adventures, but I really did want to give it a shot, but then Hasbro did this. And now you portray it like this?! That's actually painful...
PSIness7's avatar
Looks like this was the last of Button's adventures. :( (Sad)  
Poor sweetie belle...
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It turns out Button was Player 2 all along
MrAsianhappydude's avatar
<Player 2> To continue please enter 2 quarters.
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Nopony can't take Button Mash away!
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...But, but... He's not dead! His show and main reason for fame only was discontinued. But the character itself isn't dead, right?
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Yes, that is true.
But with the masses of fanart and some of Jan's animations returning he will never really die.
But then again should he die... we 4Kids it and say he was sent to the stars or <insert disney or lives on reasoning>.
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Erlkönig someone?
MrsRemi's avatar
love the expressions
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Wow, perfect choice from Seth to put this into todays drawfriend!
Don't cry anymore, Sweetie Belle! Button is back!
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Faust dammit Hasbro.
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:iconhnngplz:-Right in the center of my emotions.
:iconcryingplz:-Poor Belle,she is so sad for her Mashie.

I love Princess Luna in this theme.
Bravo and thanks for sharing this greatness.
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