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M. Rasheed is an editorial cartoonist ‘artivist’ for the American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS) political unification movement, advocating for Reparations, anti-racism and strict enforcement of antitrust law.

His research interests include the anti-racism and pro-Reparations struggles of the Black American former slave class, its ties to antitrust law and the rise of the Second Gilded Age, with its White Supremacist Ideology effects.

M. Rasheed’s recent artivism effort is Weapon of the People: DECODED, a Gag-A-Day political cartoon venture launched on 09 Apr 2018. In addition to the backlist of previous works, illustrated short essay social observations and genre sequential art tales, his website features philosophical dialogues with ideological opponents from which the artist is inspired to create his cartoons.

M. Rasheed’s other projects include:

The Fifth Mystic Rebel - The first novel in a bold new series!

Weapon of the People: WORD-OF-GOD - Artist’s description of his cartoons [vlog series]

Monsters 101: The Adventures of Pugroff & Mort (books 1-10) [graphic novel series]

Tales of Sinanju: The Destroyer (based on characters created by Warren Murphy & Richard Sapir – books 1-10) [graphic novel series]

Current Residence: Raleigh NC

Favourite genre of music: R&B

Favourite style of art: Old school American cartooning; cartooning from the Belgium school

Favourite cartoon character: Hulk, Popeye, Groo, Underdog, Mighty Mouse

Personal Quote: The absence of wrong alone doesn't make one a good person.

Favourite Visual Artist
Sal Buscema, Sergio Aragones, Fritz Freleng, Carl Barks, Peyo, Richard Sala, Walt Holcomb
Favourite Movies
Warlock, Powder, The Howling, Bourne Identity, Princess Bride
Favourite TV Shows
Adventure Time, Samurai Jack, Avatar: The Last Airbender, One-Punch Man
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Michael Jackson
Favourite Books
The Dying Earth, Eyes of the Overworld, Cugel's Saga, Rhialto the Marvelous
Favourite Writers
Jack Vance, Graham Hancock
Favourite Games
Super Mario Bros 3
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
mechanical pencil, dip pens, india ink, brush, photoshop, markers
Other Interests
cartooning, writing, publishing, Islamic theurgy, Mystic Rebels of the Past
This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) blog post was pulled from interesting 'third eye' related Quora questions I answered and assembled here for reader convenience. Please feel free to post questions of your own in the comments below. Peace. Very respectfully, M. Rasheed, PMP® Cartoonist | Socio-Political Commentator | Graphic Novel Serialist | Shemesu Heru Second Sight Graphix ______________________________________________ Q1: Is the third eye real? How did this term originate? The third eye is very real. I can definitively proclaim this with assured confidence because – much to my amazed delight – I
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Despite never having read anything like a timeline of when people have their subsequent third eye opening events, I just expected that it would take a while for me to have another one, assuming that I didn't get brand new and sabotage the process by taking on a life of over-the-top wretched debauchery. So imagine my surprise when I had yet another spontaneous third eye experience this morning, Sunday, July 15, 2018 at around 4:20am! The only similarities that matched the last time the third eye opened were 1) that it happened shortly after I lied down in bed, and 2) I was more keyed up than I expected to be when I did lie down. The difference
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It's embarrassing to see the date on the last entry in this series. lol Paradoxically, those five years have flown by even as September of 2013 somehow seems like a lifetime ago, and indeed, I have experienced what has often been considered a sort of rebirth. The concept of 'correct meditation,' as described in the lore of spiritual science developed by the ancients and recorded on the granite stele at Saqqara in Egypt, was the intended point of the blog series. I had ventured to chronicle my own attempts to build up the habit of meditating every day with the hope that at some point my diligence would be rewarded with the opening of the UDJAT
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question do you know guys like Eric d July and clownfish tv

No, never heard of them.

oh you never did? like you never heard about the rippaverse at all? well go do yourself a favor a search them up i think you might like them

Oh, wait... I heard about the Eric July guy a few months ago. He's the indie comic book guy with the successful crowdsourcing campaign. I found him by accident, when an old message board acquaintance tagged a bunch of Black cartoonists in a Tweet and I took the time to look all of them up.

Never heard of "clownfish tv."

brilliant gallery! respect!