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Hey everyone.

I know I don't really communicate with you folks very much and I haven't uploaded much of anything at all in quite sometime. I'm not the very charismatic type and I apologize for that. 

I've just been in a bit of a funk for sometime and it's been kind of difficult to do really much of anything. But I just wanted to go ahead and thank you guys for watching and people who leave their nice comments for me on my pictures. Especially the people that go out of their way to wish me a happy birthday on my page when it comes around. I really appreciate you guys and it helps me a lot to push me to keep creating fan art for all of you.

I'll keep trying to do a little better. That's really all anyone can do.

So again, thanks everyone. Have a good one. :) 
Howdy doody peoples.

Got kinda bored, so I decided to write a journal for the hell of it and see what I get.

I never really do stuff like this so I thought this could be a great opportunity to maybe get to know a few of my watchers. Also to let you guys know how much I appreciate your following.
I know I don't upload much but, good news is I might have some new stuff to upload soon. Been sitting on a picture I've had done for awhile, as well as currently working on something else.
One of them I know won't be much of a surprise to anyone. =P

But you'll see soon enough.

Ask me whatever. Tell me what you think about me or what you guys would like to see more of from me in the future.

Hope to hear from a few of you lone wanderers out there. :iconn-nplz:
To whom it may concern...

Hi! And welcome to my first dA journal entry :bademoticon: 

 As most of you may know, I have been featured on quite a few sites. Most notably EqD, which I am so honored and humbled for. So I thought it would be the right thing to do to put up something that would express my feelings on this to the best of my abilities.

 My social skills are quite poor, so I'll try my best. :icontinoplz:

  Firstly: I'd like to thank all of you my fellow pony lovers for all that you've done for me. Thank you all to the ones that took the time, out of your lives, to collect and share my art to other sites. Whoever you guy's were, you're so awesome you didn't have to do that. ;3 

 Secondly: I'd like to thank all the viewers, the faver's and the watchers. Over these past few day's I've felt indescribable feels over how much people have enjoyed my art and reading and replying to the comments has been quite a euphoric experience. You have no idea what it truly means for me when I see a new comment, whether it be from my art, to someone's reply on their user page. ^^

 I try to reply to all of you as do I try to thank all of my watchers. It's kinda hard to work on anything new and keep up with you guy's right now ^^

 So if I haven't thanked you yet, fret not, lovelies. You'll have yours! :bighug: REVAMP 

  And thridly: I would like to thank my inspiration for my scootalove, my buddy The Abyss. Without his story my two latest scootalove would have never came to be. Hug 
  And I wanna thank this guy :iconaphexangel: I wouldn't know jack about art if it wasn't for this guy's amazing skill and words of wisdom he's shared over his livestreams.

  Thank you Calpain over at Equestria Daily, you've seen something in me I honestly didn't see in myself. :squee: revamp 

  And last but not least thank you all of you, my fellow Bronies and Pegasisters. I love and appreciate all of you! :iconn-nplz: