I'll Do Anything for You
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Coverart for another story written by my buddy, The Abyss, for his story, I'll Do Anything for You

A sequel to his story I'll Always be Here for You that I drew the first coverart for, oh-so-long ago. :D And I'm glad to have taken part in this one!

Thanks everyone! Wink/Razz 

MLP FiM ©Hasbro and Lauren Faust :iconn-nplz:Heart 
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pony--sketches|Student Digital Artist
aaaa this just makes me feel all fuzzy and warm insideeeLlama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] 
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kleopatraa15|Hobbyist Artist
And yea i LOVE this when Twilight and rainbow *like* scootaloo a child have !!!!!!!! Cuz Scootaloo is like not the brother from Rainbow Dash its hes friend he adopted him soemthing like that!!!!!! then when twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash love each other then they have a kid (child)  Scootaloo!!!!!!  Heart free avatar Heart free avatar Heart free avatar Lovely Shoujo (Heart for you) [V3] Lovely Shoujo (Heart for you) [V3] Lovely Shoujo (Heart for you) [V3] Lovely Shoujo (Heart for you) [V3] Lovely Shoujo (Heart for you) [V3] Love in the Air Love in the Air Love in the Air Heart 3D Heart 3D Heart 3D 
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RainbowLine001|Hobbyist Digital Artist
*cries* so adorable...I`m dying right now...*cries harder*
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VengefulStrudel|Hobbyist Digital Artist
D'aww, this is too heartwarming! Right in the feels~ Scootaloo is just too precious here, I love that smile. Excellent work! :)
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Dorian-Inman|Hobbyist General Artist
Aw, sweet! Between you and Abyss, this is my favorite family! I guess you could call them an OTF. Anyways, great picture, keep it up!
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IBAIPshowEdited |Professional Artist
Perfection /)
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MrArdilla|Hobbyist Digital Artist
(\ ^ε^ Thanks!
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MajesticHamster|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's just so cute! Fantastic job, sir!
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NavigatorAlligator|Hobbyist General Artist
beautiful shading work done here- Great job!
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DerpyandMe|Hobbyist Artist
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Two words: Adorable and awesome!
MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Happy Rainbow Dash (Weak smile) Plz Scootaloo Smile sprite 
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adog0718|Hobbyist Digital Artist
The stories that go along with this are absolutely incredible. Very, very highly recommend you read them, it'll be time well spent.
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very cute n.n
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Roaa2001|Professional Digital Artist
Nice pic
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DonnEStarside|Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, YOU'RE the one who drew that? Nice! I love your buddy's story, been reading it for a while.^^
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I love this art! Can I feature it on my Tumblr theyaoiyurialliance.tumblr.com…? I will credit you and there will be a link to this page.
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MrArdilla|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sure ^^
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Theroyalprincesses|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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The important thing to note is that the cuteness factor for ponies is very (but not only) reliant on the snout. You do them GREAT.
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Scootabyte|Hobbyist General Artist
Oh hey, it's my three favorite ponies, in one picture! And a lovely picture too. Awesome :D
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