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Welcome to superfail

By MrAnderchong
OK the last week I saw superjail and well...
it the only thing I was been talking about during this time.
So this idea came to my mind, and to take supejail out of my system, I did this.

This First group drawing I do with some folks I consider my friends.

From left to right:
:iconquaidezmaster: :iconmranderchong: :iconheros-shadow: :icondevildukitzu:
Jailbot is robocoon, I don't hang with him but it was perfect for the job.

Superjail and all his characters belong to Christy Karacas and company.

Someone will kill me for this.
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You 'ought's post it at the Adult Swim forums to see if they'll air it. Who knows? They may like it.
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Should I should I??

Even I think I will be attacked by chants of "Yiff in hell furfag" I will give a shot.
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Sometimes the butthurt's worth it. I mean look at me, I'm gettin' banned form places on a daily basis.

If you don't wish to, I can. No one ever suspects the Alligator...
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Yeah it's worthy, I only need to give myself the time, anyway the forum is not going anywhere but if you want to do the honors...

The Aligator can strike again. XD
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