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The other conner of city: night

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Conner corner ?

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Sorry don't know, what's that?

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Could be a thing I don’t know but is it for real the word Conner not Corner in titles?

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I found this page through a YouTube video and was stunned by your art. I'm really inspired to start drawing scenes and buildings now, and this is coming from a person who barely ever draws backgrounds. Thank you a lot.

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Sorry just saw this. I'm really happy that my art could inspired you to try something new. Remind me the feeling I saw others when I start to learn painting. Please keep going, best wishes!

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I like how you included the colorful dancing lights in the sky (aurora borealis).

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Sailor moon ...
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beautiful and awesome
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Amazing world You got there
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Hello I was wondering if I can use your Nightclub as backgrounds scenes for my animation short The Falls Girls
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Thanks for like my arts. You can use it with my name credit for non-commercial use.  
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Ok sweet thx
Same  with mine :D
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i love it 0__0
the detail in this is lovely
i wish i could do detail like this.
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I love all those colours!
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it's very beautiful, i would like to draw like this...
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Featured your wonderful work here [link] :heart:
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I'm surprised this hasn't got many view because its wonderful.
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thank you~ it's good to hear that
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