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can I use some of your bsackgrounds in a non profit movie I'm making ? I'd give you credit and everything.
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Hi, some of the work is crated for other company or user for commercial use. It may cause legal issues. Sorry.
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that's ok, thanks anyway
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Can I ask some backgrounds for a little movie?!
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Wow, wow, wow!!! :-) :-) :-)
WONDERFUL!!! Heart Heart Heart 
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yo can I use some of youre backgrounds in a movie me and some friends are making ?
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Amazing! Depth and detail is off the charts
Hi there, 

we are working on a kickstarter pen and paper RPG. Could I use your art? I cant offer money till its done, but you would be credited and when its on sale we could work something out.

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Hi, this work is created for other group, and have copyright issue, so sorry you can't use it.

thanks for the reply
Hey mrainbowwj, there's a guy on Facebook that may be claiming your work as his. His name is Dan Anderson. PM me for more details if you'd like to see a screenshot.
The post can be found in the Unity 3D Game Developers and Game Developer Progress groups.

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I dont know how to ask this but, how did you draw this?, if you can explain that to me would be awesome , thanks!
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Hi, I use 3D software to make a simple layout and find a good composition, then borrow the color that match the mood from other's great work and photos, and go for the details. Hope this could be a little help.
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oh that's cool, you should upload the images of those layout, so we can see the process, would be awesome :). Thanks¡
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I have post a process here called Sci-fi Buildings process, you may want to check it out. It's the usual way I create my works.
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Wow, this is amazing!  What software do you use to create your artwork?
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thank you, I use Photoshop mostly.
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Wow thats crazy.... do you use photoshop 3d?  Or do you draw this by hand yourself?
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I usually use maya or sketchup for mock up the whole scene, it's easier to find a good view in 3D.
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