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Happy Birthday SKYRIM

Skyrim is a great game, and it's music also great.
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Can I use this for a short story/ Book? Considering you won't ask for money because this book will be online for free. But only giving credit at the end of the book for reference.:D

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can I order a print of this?  or are prints not available?
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Just screen shot on a computer or whatever and print it on a png

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Sorry, don't have prints. don't know how to do with it.
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Can I use this as my YouTube banner if I give you credit in the about section?
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Hello, I'm Jaden Kor and I'm a french independant video maker !
I have a program called "Le museum d'Entretoile" in which I analyse some artworks from internet as a classical paintning (colors, composition, subject...).

I found your artwork really amazing and I would like use it to analyse it and why not giving you a little visibility ^^
So my query is the next one : Can I use your atwork for my program ?

If you agree, can you give me some informations about how did you do this work (inspirations, time of production, tools, implication, etc) ? I would be interested !
My first episode is on YouTube if you're interested !

All the best and still congratulations !
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Hi, very glad you are interested in my works.
This one was created in a long time ago, and now I can see a lot issue should be improved.
To me it's not a very good work, so I don't think I really want to use it. Thanks anyway.
And I didn't find your youtube channel, could you please leave a link for it?
Thank you.
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If you think it's a bad idea, no problem :)
And here is my YouTube channel :…
Thank you for your answer !
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This is beautiful work! Everything from the last detail is absolute perfection. I was wondering if you have an online store that you can sell this. (eg: Society6, Redbubble?) I would like to buy this. 
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Thank you, I'm glad you like it. I don't have online store, it's not have enough pixels for print :)
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That is understandable. May I have your permission to make a print of this to put hang on my wall?
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Sure, please help yourself. and you can leave a email, so if I can find a larger version I will send to you.
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AMAZING!!!! this is going to be my new desktop background!
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Awesome artwork! It's our featured piece for the week over at The Greybeards. 
You can find it here:…

The Brovahkiin at the Greybeards
Can I use this image for a tshirt for my son?
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Sure, I'm glad you like it.
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Magnificent. Perfect detail, great work!
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thanks, glad you like it!
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Amazing! I love that you can see him absorbing the soul:)
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yeap, thank you~
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This is Featuring in my Journal: [link]
In2umniaKillH3r's avatar
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