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3D printed Autumn Dawn

This 50cm figure is a posed SFM model with an original mane and tail, made in Blender, then 3D printed in 4 parts and painted!
A gift for my friend Autumn Dawn!

This was the first pony model I made; I made it 16 months ago! Not sure why I started so big. It was definitely a challenge!
This may not be as polished as some of the ponies I made later. The 3D model is very wrinkly because it is from SFM. I had to add a lot of putty to make it as smooth as it is. I still think it turned out great!
I'd like to point out that all main colors are spray-painted: purple, yellow and pink. Masking was very difficult because this is such a complicated shape!

Material: PLA
Printer: Creality Ender 3
Paint: acrylic spray and acrylic paint

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that's stunning maze! and i see what you mean by using mraagh when maze isn't available. XD you'd have to clear off an entire shelf for something this huge and awesome! (i'd totally do it) Autumn looks super beautiful in rl

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Thank youuuu ❤

This means a lot to me, I really worked on that pony for a long time!

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I just realised , you forgot the nostrils again! You better add them to avoid the same mistake as you did with me! Still , looks very very cool ^^

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I really did!!

I guess this is from the time when I thought ponies had no nostrils!

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Oooo , another great job I see! Well done Mazie :3