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3D Printed Alicorn Statue from LoE

This is a 3D printed version of a model from the game Legends of Equestria (

To make it work with 3D printers, I made the following modifications:
- Closed all surfaces with holes in them
- Removed all internal caves and unnecessary gaps
- Extended floating details to touch the body with no gaps
- Removed some tiny/floating details that can't be printed
- Removed some of the cracks because they were risky to print
- Reshaped manes, hooves, tails, wings and clothes to have steeper overhangs
- Ensured neighboring objects have overlap where possible
- Made bridges perfectly horizontal where possible
- Moved parts around to make space for supports
- Split wings, horns and some of the hooves to separate printable objects
- Extended capes to touch the ground
- Made the distinct parts touch together early in the printing process. An exception is one of the 4 capes, so I gave it an additional stability structure.
- Removed details on feathers and made them thicker
- Custom build adhesion and support structures

I'm not going to paint this because I quite like what it looks like in pure white!

Height: 163mm
Part count: 9
Printing time: 66 hours

Find this on my website:
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Image size
4160x3120px 2.27 MB
Moto G4
Shutter Speed
1/33 second
Focal Length
4 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Jun 21, 2020 12:19:50 AM +02:00
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it is a titanic sculpture

and i totally get the clean up work time (which deserves more love)

and this is an epic print

*wonders how many crazy fails it took to get so far*

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It took a few fails because in some ways this model is different than models I've previously printed. Experiments with new stuff!

But I knew which things I need to test and I tested them separately. I didn't test by running the whole 50 hour print, but those specific pieces or features.

In the end, I only had 2 fails on the big print. One of them failed 30 minutes in, the other 2 hours in. Not much of a time or material loss ^^

ooh and fun thing, later I found a neat way to split it into 3 parts: body 1, body 2 and both heads. Split like this, I could print it much bigger! Up to 60cm wide! but I don't have anywhere to put such a sculpture, hihi

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That kind of behind the scenes process glimpse makes it come alive all the more for me.

print extra big version

make a slip cast mold

glaze & fire

use as garden sculpture!


Paint it?

Good Lord if the Earth Movers and Ground Shaker earth ponies of Equestria heard you say that after all that work..

Why, it be like putting catch-sup on a meal prepared by a Master Chief!

mraagh's avatar

Even if I paint this, it's not going to be much different than it already is!

And I like it like this! Have you ever seen a painted statue irl? hihi

No I'm just saying:

"The immensitude of the project towering over Equestria!

They are perfect the way the are!

So....after the amount of money spent, the work by the many pony stone masons, the dedication by all the the Princesses want the things painted.....?

Turns out it was one of their what is the Government to do with six trainloads of paint?"

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I'm suspecting that's an actual story from the game, isn't it? hihi

I'd know if I actually did the quests some time!

There is a picture floating round here on DA of the two sisters as larger than life statues guarding a valley or an entrance and I was reminded of that picture, I thought it funny if the sisters were to demand the sautes painted...that's all.

Well, if maddened creatures wanted to cause havoc of those statues it would look a runny nose or a zit!

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