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3D Printed Alicorn Statue from LoE



This is a 3D printed version of a model from the game Legends of Equestria (

To make it work with 3D printers, I made the following modifications:
- Closed all surfaces with holes in them
- Removed all internal caves and unnecessary gaps
- Extended floating details to touch the body with no gaps
- Removed some tiny/floating details that can't be printed
- Removed some of the cracks because they were risky to print
- Reshaped manes, hooves, tails, wings and clothes to have steeper overhangs
- Ensured neighboring objects have overlap where possible
- Made bridges perfectly horizontal where possible
- Moved parts around to make space for supports
- Split wings, horns and some of the hooves to separate printable objects
- Extended capes to touch the ground
- Made the distinct parts touch together early in the printing process. An exception is one of the 4 capes, so I gave it an additional stability structure.
- Removed details on feathers and made them thicker
- Custom build adhesion and support structures

I'm not going to paint this because I quite like what it looks like in pure white!

Height: 163mm
Part count: 9
Printing time: 66 hours

Find this on my website:
Image size
4160x3120px 2.27 MB
Moto G4
Shutter Speed
1/33 second
Focal Length
4 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Jun 21, 2020 12:19:50 AM +02:00
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it is a titanic sculpture

and i totally get the clean up work time (which deserves more love)

and this is an epic print

*wonders how many crazy fails it took to get so far*