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Life-Unlimited Earth Flag

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This is the unofficial flag of Earth in Life-Unlimited. In keeping with the new policy of simplicity, all flags representing planets look similar to this one, but with different colors. This flag is mostly only used on cargo ships.

Here are the representations:

-Navy blue backing: The darkness of space. This color is rarely altered, as the majority of planets have it surrounding them. (I'm not quite sure yet which ones would have this changed. Maybe full-on black for those near a black hole, or a bright yellow for a Pillar of Creation. This requires research.)

-Yellow circle: Sol. This circle varies in size (since red stars are small and blue stars are large), color (red, orange, yellow, blue, white, etc.) and even number (for multi-star systems) from flag to flag.

-Gray circle: Luna. This circle also changes size (Charon is much larger than Nix or Hydra, for example) and occasionally color, but more often changes number (for the record, only the Galilean moons of Jupiter are shown on its flag, since its 60+ moons wouldn't fit on the canvas).

-Blue stripe: Water, or the equivalent commonplace liquid. Earth's water is blue for the most part, but Ziliu's water is orange-tinted thanks to the prevalence of Amicus curatio in it, and Makri has oceans of ethylene glycol, shown as yellow-green because that's the color of the dye it's mixed with in antifreeze.

-Green stripe: Soil and/or vegetation. What more is there to be said? Depending on the color of the star and the atmosphere of the planet, this can be almost any color.

-Cyan stripe: Atmosphere. In other words, the color of the sky. Earth's is light blue, obviously.
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In my honest opinion, this is probably one of the best flags I've seen that
represent the Planet.
It would be amazing if it was official ^^