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KND: Sector AA Logo

I know I should be uploading my new ID (I'M ACTUALLY DONE IT, I SWEAR) and the bases for :iconrayisshockedpplz:'s gift for me, but I couldn't resist. This one's been sitting on the backburner for THREE MO'FO'IN' YEARS.

Recently, my buzz is Codename: Kids Next Door, even though it's ended. I've been trying to restart the flame for RPing over at the Panda Warriors Forum, and I finally figured out how to draw in the traditional Warburton style. Thus, I made this sweet logo starring my own personal sector, Sector AA (aka the Double-A Batteries, since they're mainly backup for other sectors.)

In the order they'd go in the intro, they are:

Middle Right: Gwynne Dezimal, aka Numbuh Goto 10. (It's a programming command. "Goto" is pronounced like the phrase "go to".) Computers are this guy's specialty. While he's slightly vertically challenged, his wit and genius know no bounds, and he's created such marvels as the P.L.A.Y.E.R. (Portable Lockpick Always Yields Exceptional Results, an electronic lockpick made from a portable video game system) and the S.N.A.C.K.E.R. (Small Nimble Attacker Can Kill Enemy Recon, a bat-like camera-destroying robot made from a tuna can, a pair of sporks and various other junk).

Middle Left: Mira Mirora, aka Numbuh Base-9. Nothing is what it seems around her, especially not her sparkly hair. Mira is a mistress of illusion and disguise, and is known for being the only operative to ever impersonate Father himself. She didn't fool anyone, but she managed to get the visual part down pat.

Bottom Left: Laura Octane, aka Numbuh 8-Cylinder. While an excellent driver and mechanic, she's not too good at much else and is an absolute klutz when not behind the wheel. She's also a scatterbrain, and her room is littered with automotive parts. (And yes, I realize she looks like a boy. You have to see the sketch I did to notice anything feminine about her. :P)

Bottom Right: Danny McKinley, aka Numbuh Lucky 7. His incredibly good fortune results in good things happening to him left and right, and he's trained himself to take advantage of it to its fullest. He knows full well, however, that disaster could occur should he ever come in contact with Numbuh 13...

Top: Ivy Greene, aka Numbuh 6-Course. Besides being the team leader, Ivy is the epitome of a lethal chef, and her disturbing culinary creations rival those of Gramma Stuffum's. Now if only she could get her team to eat them...

KND (C) Numbuh Eleventy Billion (Mr. Warburton)
Sector AA, this logo (C) me

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This is really good. I miss KND.

Kids Next Door Rules
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Thanks. It took a lot of painstaking work to make it come out right.
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Too bad the show ended. Great character concepts.
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Thanks. I always wondered one thing: Sector V seem to have the entire world revolving around them, largely due to being the first sector thought up by the writers. Imagine this...

-They live right next door to the greatest menace known to the KND.
-They fought every villain first. The KND had never even heard of Nightbrace or Gramma Stuffum before Sector V fought them. You would know because they would've gotten warned by Global Command. Never do you hear of any OTHER sectors being the first to fight a villain.
-The entire KND as it's known at that point in history was STARTED BY THEIR LEADER'S DAD.
-To top it all off, they're in charge of every C.A.K.E.D. operation.

Explain how one little sector somewhere in Pennsylvania is so damn important, but isn't already considered the best of the best of the best. Besides, of course, operation I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S., but that was the series finale.

Okay, done ranting. But that whole thing makes it nigh-impossible to think up good fanfics because other sectors aren't even treated with equal respect by the writers. @_@ *keels over from rant*
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I guess being the main characters means they're the focal point of all significant or interesting activity in their universe, but they have to remain "average" and non-elite to be relatable.

That's just my take on the issue.
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Wasent that a cartoon before?
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Yes. Yes it was. And this is my idea for a spin-off. Go look up the show, it's AWESOME.
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AWESOOOOME *thumbs up* You've really done a good job, looks absolutely professional and consistant with the style of the show.

I really wish that Sector E could make a logo like this, but they have approx. 20+ members currently, and although the main five could be defined and Numbuh 902 as leader, Numbuh 6 as second in command, then Numbuh 706 as resident hacker, but the others I know I'm unsure about. I'd probably put Numbuh 15 in there, since she's been around since the beginning pretty much, and for the fifth member maybe Numbuh 858 or Numbuh D4, but that's not entirely fair on a lot of other characters. I know the number of operatives associated with the sector at one point was about eight, but at that time there was still more than that, maybe about fourteen. Besides, I want my Numbuh 745 to be in the logo, dammit! XD

Okay enough about my sector's woes, back to the picture. It does look very good, I'm impressed. x3 *insta-fave*
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Dang, Sector E has too many members. I bet they should get at least four logos. x3
Rozalynd's avatar
THEY SHOULD. XD They kind of need to be split up into differen quadrants or something but they never get any missions as it is. Hey where is Sector AA situated again?
Mr86Returns's avatar
Their treehouse is built from a single massive balsam poplar tree [link] which sticks out like a sore thumb in the middle of the prairies of Alberta. Rather than hamsters, its power source is a lightning rod made from, of all things, a windmill.
Rozalynd's avatar
Wooow, cool. Alright thanks, was just wondering. XD
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