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Solstice Glow
A combination of inside jokes about hotboxing Solstice, vaporwave and a desire to go to another MLP Convention led me to draw this on a whim
Character Profile: Dew
Dropped into the human world mirror portal at a young age, Dew now finds herself back in her home dimension 

Cutie Mark: A drop of water? I guess? Never really asked Ryan about that but I'm gonna guess that it's because dew is just tiny drops of water

- Living off of government welfare
- Working on and managing the weather team even though she doesn't need to with her welfare (Because she's independent like that)
- Messing with Solstice

- People saying "Dew-Stroyed"
- Solstice joking about hotboxing
- Words beginning with X

- Lost her memory after entering her home world again - Later regained the memory

Additional Information: Like the picture of Solstice, I cannot take credit for drawing this picture or coming up with the character in any way. Credit for her creation goes to Ryan S.C. (Deviantart link not included) and again - much like the Solstice picture, the commissioned artist did not leave a signature or watermark.
Character Profile: Solstice Glow
Solstice Glow is the current acting Royal Advisor to Princesses Celestia and Luna and will probably be in the same position well after they're gone.

I can't condense the history well enough to get every major point across, so instead I'm just going to leave the link to an ever-changing google document.…

Because this is Series Era Solstice, I will be basing the following information off of his personality at this time, though if you've read the doc, you'll know that his personality goes through a lot of changes due to his prolonged life.

Cutie Mark: None, 'cause he's a badass half dragon who don't need no Cutie Mark (And because I couldn't think of anything for like a year so I decided that having no Cutie Mark would just be a character quirk)

- The Royal Family as well as associated figures
- Helping citizens of the country
- The Elements of Harmony and their adventures
- Shipping Spike and Rarity
- Literally everything about his job as a royal advisor
- Memorabilia/antiques associated to his life and important history
- Vaporwave
- Fencing

- Secrets
- Incognito or intentionally inconspicuous acts
- Manipulation
- Alcohol

- Presents himself exactly as he is, nothing is feigned
- Has atychiphobia (fear of failure)
- Though rare, he enjoys being proven wrong, as with when he had to put aside his disdain for Discord and accept his reformed status
- He is treated mostly as a brotherly figure by those he personally interacts with in his life, except in the case of Celestia, Luna and Cadence who look to him as more of a father figure
- Can't have a Cutie Mark, he is entirely a dragon by DNA in every way except for his physical appearance. He has the longevity and physical durability of a dragon, but it's not in his genes to have a Cutie Mark

Additional Information: I cannot take credit for drawing this picture. I commissioned it to an artist I met at Milwaukee Ciderfest 2016 (Year may be wrong). Unfortunately, the artist did not leave a signature or any sort of watermark.


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