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Published: December 8, 2014

EDIT 15/JAN/2016

It have been a while since I did it, wow! I'm updating with some new info and things I've learned thro this time.
On a side note, From this year on I'm working in my drawings as my main source of income, so I guess I may call it my job now, let's hope it keeps going well! ´ v `

I'll try to keep udating it as I keep getting new info/knolodge.



Even if it's not your job, take it serious as if it's.

Really, even if it's a digital media, money is involved, persons are involved, take the shit serious.


So ok, here goes nothing

 what you are selling,

  • Just sell what you know you can do. It's perfectly ok to have a list of stuff you can't do, for any reason. Everyone have limits and the customers know it.
  • Visual examples of what you are selling, more than one per type if possible. The result of a drawing always varies, even if done with the same technique. So it's important if the customer can see the possibilities of result.
  • Sell what people need.  I believe it's important to have a clear information of your commissions, and put lots of unlimited types of commissions may confuse the customer. Keep the basics as options, if you have more options, an "ask me for other kinds of art" on the end probably works !!


 where to sell,

wherever you feel conformable with, but have a price chart and information-table is always important, some great/common places:

  • deviantART DeviantART: lots of persons use deviantART, you can sell by dA Points, journals are easy to organize and there are groups that would feature your commission infos. There is also deviantART forums.

  • ✩ How this site's "Search engine"
    ✩ Note about mobile: in deep customized boxes (if you are premium/core) may not work properly on mobile, keep it on mind! If your watchers tend to check it on their phones, I'd suggest to keep your main page simple!
    ✩ Example of commission groups
    :iconu-buy-please: :iconcommission-share: :iconda-commissions:

  • Tumblr Bullet by Pastel-BunBun Tumblr: I love to use tumblr to organize my information because it's easy to customize n etc, very unlimited and free, lot of persons use it and ppl may reblog your cm-info and spread it wohoo.

  • ✩ How this site's "Search engine" works: just the first FIVE (5) taggs are valid for public search, so put more relevant taggs here, the others may be used for own organization. If your blog is classified as "NSFW" your posts won't usually appears on the searches, unless the user unlock it. Some fandoms have their own art tagg, for example pokémon bloggers tend to tagg their drawings as "Pokeart", give it a research! A common generic tagg is "artists on tumblr".
    ✩ Note about mobile: tumblr layouts don't works on mobile so that pretty custom links you just put won't do. Keeping a page with the navigation on it, and then linking it on your description is always a good idea! Example of my own blog:

  • FurAffinity Icon by poserfan Furaffinity: my main source of income rn! Not very customizable. The site offers a template for creating price charts and also commission status that you may turn into "closed" or "open" on the settings.

  • ✩ How this site's "Search engine" works: no idea. But things to keep on your taggs are: species, gender, sfw/nsfw. 
    ✩ Note about mobile: due to the lack of deep customization possibilites, the site works pretty well on mobile!
    ✩ Commission groups: despite not having a real group engine like deviantART, there are some groups on furaffinity!
    A very interesting group for these who wants to share their commission works ->…
    You may find more commission groups on this ->…
These are the ones I use but there's plenty more, surely. I also usually see people using facebook, instagram, inkbunny, etc. Give it a research and find the most appropriated site for you!


 how you'll get paid,

  • Paypal is the basic. Everyone (ok not everyone, but lots of ppl) have paypal so yeah, have paypal. Research about the fees and stuff (MAKE CLEAR ON YOUR COMMISSION INFO IF YOU ARE GOING TO CHARGE THE FEES OR IF THEY ARE INCLUDED ON THE PRICE. it's important, really). In general lines paypal is easy to use, so you won't have big problems I suppose, google is your friend, anyway.
    PLEASE REQUEST YOUR PAYMENTS BY INVOICES, there's plenty of reasons for it, here are some:……
  • Bank Deposit, I think you just can use it if the customer is from the same country of you.
  • DeviantART Points if you are using dA. It's possible to transform the dAPoints into real money if you do it right. The bad thing is that you need to wait some time until you can actually get the money, also there are deviantART fees.
    If you are interested check it here:
    You may also use this to calculate the prices: DeviantArt Point Calculator

I'm currently researching bitcoin, but I still don't use it nor have enough info.


 pricing your products

IT'S DIFFICULT AS FUCK LIKE REALLY.  I don't believe I can explain how to price your stuff, but there are some things you should keep in mind:

  • Undersell is bad, but what is undersell? Be sure to know how much other ppl ask for their artworks and if ppl is paying for it then compare your skills with the person. Ok it's horrible but it's not about "art" it's about "business". If someone sells a hamburger for 5$ and someone else sells a hamburger that is as good as the other for 12$ I think you probably will buy the one who sells for 5$. Some ppl may buy the second one because it have one or other sauce that is different, but there are some few persons. I believe that selling the hamburger for 3$ is undersell, but sell it for 5$ isnt. Idk, just my personal opinion. (and wow it's confusing).
  • I don't care about undersell myself, I need money ! Ok, that's bad, but let's see how underselling works. Back to the hamburgers, if you sell your hamburger for 3$, some people will believe there's a reason for it tho others won't care. Some people may understand you really need customers atm and that's why, but other persons may think it's because there's something not so good in your hamburgers so they don't want to eat it. customers can sense when your sales pitch is more about your need than their opportunity.
  • So what shall I do? I don't know, I'm not you. I won't lie I started selling commissions so long ago I don't remember how I started ): but it's all up to you to think about everything, then set what you think is better. Asking for your own customers what they think about the price, also helps, I suppose.

but anyway, ALWAYS KEEP A VISIBLE PRICE CHART. It dosn't matter if it's a base price, it's actually better if it's a base price, just keep a price char visible for the basic stuff. Some people (myself as example) are afraid to ask the artist how much they drawings are, because "if i think it's to high and can't buy they may thing I don't like they drawings" or stuff like this !! So please keep a visible price chart, yet keep yourself open to give most precise quotes by notes and stuff.


 dealing with the customer

You are a person, your customer is a person. Never forget it !

  • A good communication is really important. Be sure to keep your customer informed about how the picture is going without spam, for example, ask him at the start if he wants WIPs, how many and etc. Be sure to keep a frame-work. If you are having problems and isn't being able to do your job let the other person know. Both artist and customers who dosn't reply are pretty annoying to deal with, at least to me.
  • You are the specialist, not the customer. Sometimes you may understand why something dosn't sounds good or why it dosn't looks good, or why it's impossible or why it's good n etc but customer may not, and it's ok, he isn't obligated to know, you eat hamburgers but you aren't sure about what makes them, I mean, I don't lmao. Keep it on mind and try to be patient.
  • I think customer isn't happy with the final result even tho he said they are ! When I started to sell commissions, I felt like some customers wasn't happy with the final result, because they didn't comment on the picture or something like this, please don't worry about it ! I realize it's sad if the customer dosn't like the final result, if they really believe it could be better, you may ask they why and so use it to improve yourself on next commissions, feedback is always good, but it may also be that they are just having a bad day, or aren't very expressive at all ! It's the way some persons are, maybe they are even happier w/ the final thing than someone who is always cheerful. Who knows haha


 getting extra money,

Selling commissions isn't the only way to make money from your drawings! Despite some people being a bit polemic about these, they are worth sharing. Here is a list of sites that may help you get some extra bits:

  • .:Bullet:. Patreon by FreakyEd Patreon: your followers will pledge you every month in order to get access to some extra content or prizes. It's super easy to use and allow payments by paypal.

  • ✩ Why people dislike it: they tends to say artists are doing it just so they may get paywells to draw as they wish.
    ✩ Why I like it: You aren't forcing anyone to pledge you, if they are doing it is because they want to see more from your work. I don't enjoy 100% exclusive material if other than simple sketches etc, but offering drawing rewards (that will go to public once finished) or early access to drawings, as well PSD. access don't see bad to me! Your followers aren't at any time tied to you and they may stop pledging when they want.
    ✩ Getting Paid: It depends the kind of campaign you are using, you may choose to be paid by updates, weeks or months. I use the month feature and I get paid early each month. Any question regards payment may be replied here ->…

  • Redbubble Icon by Cachomon Redbubble: display your drawings and designs here to be printed and sold as shirts, phone cases and much more! The site will do everything for you and you get a bit of money for each sold design.

  • ✩ Why people dislike it: they tends to find it abusive for artists because they receive a very small amount.
    ✩ Why I like it: I usually put simple drawings or drawing I have made for other purpouses, so honestly any extra fund it manages to give me sounds good. It is also a cool way to share your art since you may sign the drawings etc. It is also good that you don't need to worry about anything on the sales or production, the site manages it all for you.
    ✩ Getting Paid: The basic amout you get is 20%price of each sale. You may increase the amout you get but it will also icrease the product price. Info like when getting paid etc are all here ->…

  • Tea Ko-Fi: person metaphorically buys you a coffee by donating 2USD or more. (any multiple of 2, since they may buy more than "one coffee" per time)

  • ✩ Why people dislike it: I don't think they do!
    ✩ Why I like it: Adding a donation button by paypal may be kinda annoying. This friendly site makes all the hard work, just put your paypal mail on it. It is good to receive tips or donations.
    ✩ Getting Paid: Automatic receive the money when someone donate. Please notice you won't get 2USD per coffe but something around 1,60USD because paypal fees.
I'm sure there are more but these are the ones I have been using!
PLEASE NOTICE: these sites will require your paypal mail. I'm not associated with any of these sites, I'm just a user, if you by any chance have any kind of lost due to any site I mentioned on this journal I'm not related to it in any way. I never had problem with any of these before, but let's be realistic and be aware that hackers etc exist.


 final notes,

  • Make your own research! Don't just read this journal and jump in conclusions. Before using any of the sites mentioned, be sure to read their Terms of Service. In any case, google is your friend! Better safe than sorry;
  • Take your time and try to be patient. 


I'm horrible with words and this is all personal experience (what may be shit ) but I hope it helps somehow ! Please remember to keep positive n stuff (:> if you don't understand something feel free to ask n I'll see what I can do to help.

Tri by mr-tiaa

- cheers -

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I removed the original intro text but it was basically saying it was requested by an anon on tumblr and that it took me forever to post because I'm a slow ass and me saying sorry aka not rly related to the text itself.
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Okay eu li tudinho OwO
E tudinho o que eu li faz total sentido.. e isso de spammear as criatura, infelizmente eu faço ohnoes...
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Enfim, manin tem muita experiencia com commissions espero q manin ganhe cada vez mais e mais dindins com isso! :iconlaplz:
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eeeh que bom que achou que faz sentido e gostou ; v ;

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Cara isso foi muito útil ;_;
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