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pegasus at the gala

fluttershy and rainbow dash in gala clothes from MLP:FiM

just because i felt in mood to draw a pony pic again n_n; hope people like

edit:wow... this pic got lot of favs / groups invitations. thanks! for the comments too! i can't reply all comments but they all means a lot for me! tnks for support my drawings!
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Beautiful pictureLove !
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nikeflutter on Instagram stole this without crediting you -->…
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thank you for letting me know! I have reported the picture :3
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An awesome classic! :)
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Aged quite well. Still a great piece.

Wonderful work
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thank you very much ^^
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Seriously, flutter dash might take over johnkat as my otp
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*Follows your art*
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I really love it! <3
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what program do you use to make your pics?
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paint tool sai!
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Wow, aren't they both beautiful! (Hmm, I wonder if I should say that Rainbow's still within earshot!) :)
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Congratz on getting into EqD Drawfriend [link]
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Great style and detailing, you've nailed their personalities perfectly, and the wings I particularly love. fluffy looking... o.o
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Cute! Love those active poses and those expressions. This is a really fun piece. :)
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I like it when artists draw the ponies a little more anatomically correctly. Might not be as close to the showdesign of the characters, but I really enjoy it. Apart from that, very nice pic!
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Aaaaah so cute!...
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