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a sweet aftermath

My part of the MyLittleGiftExchange 's event, it's a gift for raygirl !!

Sugar Pastel: Sugar Pastel pony ref sheet by raygirl  / Alternative version: Mlpss2016screen by mr-tiaa

When Sugar Pastel (their OC) starts hiccuping she accidentally summons random treats... that may be small as candies and lollipops, or big like full-sized cakes!! TBH I love this concept but was having difficults finding a way to draw it, so I tried to illustrate an aftermath of one of those "sweet" incidents; Sugar Pastel is there trying to fix the mess she did, without losing her optimistic side, I guess :'3c

Since these "anime scenes" kind of drawing is the one I've sold the most on the current/last commission season, I suppose ppl like them so I wanted to draw something on this style ; v ; I hope Raygirl don't mind I put some ponies other than Sugar Pastel on the picture, and I also hope you'll like it!! Maybe you can get some treats leftovers...? > w <;;

Hope you had safe holidays!! Enjoy~

- cheers, stay kawaii

.:Bullet:. Patreon by FreakyEd PATREON ->
.PSD version of this and other things avaliable on my Patreon !

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Very nice! :) I especially like the alternative version!
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This is sooo cute. I like how you drew the characters - especially the one covered with the cake. Ahahaha!!Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1]  Great job ~
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thank you haha! I'm glad you liked it~
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thank you very much !
RavenHeart1984's avatar better run...LIKE NOW
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Ooooh, but how could you possibly want to hurt such a sweet face?

....haha, Sweet...i made a pun XD
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This is so adorable!! :love:
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thanks! it was a pleasure to draw such a cool concept~
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hehe tadinho dele. mas deveria estar preparado para tudo, já que ele mora na mesma cidade que a Pinkie XD
falando nela, ela ficou bonitinha no fundo! e a Sugar Pastel ficou super lindinha! amei a carinha dela! heh e as cores ficaram super legais também! ótimo trabalho!
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lol verdade acho que bolada na cara não deve ser novidade...

muito obrigado! essa personagem é realmente muito fofa e eu amei desenha-la!
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hehe de nada X3
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Seus backgrounds são muito caprichados!
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haha brigado mas as casinhas do fundo foram pegas do desenho ; v ;
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This is EXACTLY how I imagine an aftermath of one of poor Sugar's hiccuping fits would turn out.  With some poor soul getting a cake dropped on their head and poor Sugar trying to minimize the damage and apologize.  'Uh...if it makes you feel any better the pink goes beautifully with your mane!'.  I'm so pleased you decided to take that aspect of her to draw.  And good ol' Pinkie in the background (well at least someone got something out of this mess!) XD  And the way you drew Sugar herself is just delightful, she is SO adorable I can't even handle it!  You got her demure and gentle nature down way better than I ever could.  Is the poor cake victim an oc or was he made up on the spot?  He's cool even though most of him is covered in cake XD

I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!  I love what direction you took this picture in, and you did such a wonderful job!  I'M SO HAPPY!!!!!! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!!  Every time i look at this I get the biggest, goofiest smile on my face.  BEAUTIFUL!!!!
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Aaaah thank you so much!! I'm really happy and relieved in know you like it!!  ^ _ ^ =

I love that hiccup-idea, it's simple but very original and perfectly fits MLP world haha I couldn't help but want to explore it!
Also glad you like how Sugar looks on my style haha... she is so cute! I love the light colors and drawing her was a pleasure ; O ;

The cake victim is actually this pony w/out the accessories my little aoba by mr-tiaa

YOU'RE WELCOME!! Thanks for the super sweet comment too... it makes the drawing so worth doing <3

- cheers
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Aaaaaaaah noo poor Aoba pony!  Probably a good thing he wasn't wearing all his gear or they'd be covered in cake too XD

Again, thank you so much!  You clearly worked so hard on this picture and i adore it :D
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I think that victim is supposed to be Rainbow Dash.
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Actually (as mentioned in another comment) the blue pony is another OC :)
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So I've read.
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