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CM - our special waiting

anime scene (cell-shading) commission for Lastoftheknights

Krystal and her dragon mate (idk his name... ; v ; ) are waiting their first baby,
I wanted to make the crystal cave have a magical look, because that's surely a magical momment for them!

I already know the buyer liked it, I hope you all also do!
- cheers, stay kawaii


Help me to spread my drawings!

Check it for PSD files, sketches and more! Throw me a buck if you can!


BRUSH CREDITS -> Star Brushes by kuschelirmel-stock

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Not in mlp franchise but I like the dragon
mr-tiaa's avatar
glad you like!
FoxLove944's avatar
Love the drawing so much and its cute
mr-tiaa's avatar
thank you! glad you like!
Miss-Barker's avatar
This is so adorable. :love:
mr-tiaa's avatar
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nice,mlp art mr-tiaa.hey,mr-tiaa do you take requests,commissions or art trades? if you do then i was wondering if you can draw my mlp oc/ponysona/a.k.a firefly solstice,please?also do i have to pay you points or anything? here's a reference sheet of my mlp oc/ponysona a.k.a firefly solstice.
Mlp Me A.k.a Firefly Solstice All Forms Reference by twidashfan1234
here's my mlp oc/ponysona bio/info/backstory
  (new)Firefly Solstice Bio,backstory,info by twidashfan1234
  Firefly Solstice Mlp Oc Meme by twidashfan1234
here's my mlp oc/ponysona with different armors on
  Mlp Me With Armor by twidashfan1234
  Mlp Me with red armor and a sword by twidashfan1234
here's my mlp oc/ponysona different shippings.
Firefly Solstice And Ultra Necrozma by twidashfan1234
Mlp Me(a.k.a firefly solstice)Shipping by twidashfan1234
Firefly Solstice More Shippings by twidashfan1234
mr-tiaa's avatar
hi, I already replied you on another picture ):
twidashfan1234's avatar
i saw your commissions info,mr-tiaa.i don't have a paypal account or usd,i only collect/get da points and so far i only have 2 da points,i think i might have to get/collect more da points somehow.
mr-tiaa's avatar
I cannot draw for you then, sorry! that's my job :(
SheltieWolf's avatar
Wow! Sweet work! They are so cute! ^^
mr-tiaa's avatar
thank you ♥
SheltieWolf's avatar
You're welcome. ^^
RickyDemont's avatar
This is very cute, Wonder what their kids will be like?
mr-tiaa's avatar
thanks...! eh... I'm also curious now that you mention it, I have no idea tbh...
RickyDemont's avatar
Well if you're lucky they will commission a pic of the babies.
Pokebreeder25's avatar
do you know any good media's for daaw
aha-mccoy's avatar
wow a barriga tá enorme. tenho certeza que vai ser um bebê lindo! o casal ficou super fofo juntinhos. as carinhas ficaram mega fofas. e eu adorei  as cores! belo desenho!!
mr-tiaa's avatar
hehe eu me pergunto como vai ser esse bebê... :'3 mt obrigado!
aha-mccoy's avatar
vai ser lindo!!!
e de nada!!
PS: eu me pergunto como vai "sair".... °3°
mr-tiaa's avatar
thank you! ^ _ ^=
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