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Inverted Design Notes 1

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And here we go! Working on the huge project of 'relaunching' the albino gentleman. This time, I want to make sure I stay consistent with his design, so I am making sure to get as solid of a grasp of his form and characteristics as possible.

If you wanna draw Ivan as well, maybe this can help you out too!

Mr. Inverted belongs to me, yadda yadda
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Something I wanted to do: (Yuuki): Hey... Karl... You know bob the human? He hurt me! In bomb Josey seger's 10 speed (Karl): Can it! You little liar! (Yuuki): HE BARFED ON THE SAILOR LIKE A PIG! AND THE POLICE ATE TIMOTHY! (Ivan): *Is standing there* Huh?!? *Is questioning*

Another something: (Karl): All you talk about is your petaguana frank! (Yuuki): You have to hold him! (Karl): you'd have a boyfriend if you sell it! (Yuuki): I already have a boyfriend... named frank (Karl): Friggen hippie! (Yuuki): *Whispers* I don't really see the spa- (Karl): WAIT WHY ARE YOU WHISPERING?! (Yuuki): *Hesitates* I get weird when you kiss me! (Karl and Ivan): Oooh! That's creepy!

And another: (Ivan): Well. This place has simple gui- (Yuuki): *Tearing up* I. am. afraid. we. are. in. a. castle! (Ivan): Whoa! Are you token on one of these good cigarettes, dj? (Yuuki): He told me one of your secre- (Karl): SH! HEY! YOU OPEN UP A FOLD MOUTH AND YOUR TRYING TO LEAVE ME WITH A BOOGEY! (Yuuki) Im sorry lukey-doo! (Karl): Im Fempy-Doo! (Ivan): You're not fempy! that's him! *Points out the window* that's him! (Yuuki): La da da da da! (Ivan): What are you singing? (Yuuki): I sing when I eat fruit! I was really hungry so I ate a plum! But now I gotta do this! (Ivan): Hey honey! Don't sing! They'll laugh at you!

I had too! XD
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Mr. Inverted looks cute! X3 (Yuuki): Its true, Mr. inverted does look cute. He also looks cool! (Me): The ideas you get for characters sometimes look cool, but when you draw them out, it looks 20% less cooler than you actually imagined it, but the character you made is quirky and cute, with some cool abilities! X3
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Totally missed this guy <3 Glad to see you back
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aa he has more abilities! 
can't wait to know how he does that 
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Heh sweet his back and he can be shadow now thats interesting dose still do the portal thing
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Inverted Rabbit. 83

I approve. 
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I love the redesign!
i'm curious to know what you have planned for him.
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It's great to see you posting again. Your works were a huge inspiration to me back when I was in high school. I had almost forgotten.
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Awesome!! :D I love the design! ;u;
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