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Little gremlin adopts OPEN
Some cute little fella's for 50 points

They have no set gender, and you can change their names to whatever :)

1. LeafyGrapefruit
2. LavaBrownie
3. BlueFireworks
4. TinyOwl
5. The Creature from the Black Lagoon
6. Burning Bridges
AntKit-Wayward Warriors
Name: Antkit
 Prefix Meaning: The color of their pelt is reminiscent of a red ant
 Suffix Meaning: Kit, a prefix for a child.
Age: four moons old
Clan: FlareClan
Rank: Kitten
Parents: Mothgaze (NPC), Orangenose (NPC)
Siblings: Umberkit ( )
 Orientation: uknown

Build: round and low to the ground.
Fur Texture/Length: long fuzzy fur that’s usually somewhat messy.
Scent: the scent of charcoal and ash, as well as their mothers scent of clover.
Key Features: A light pinkish nose, sprout colored eyes, a round racoon shaped tail. Thick dark brown splotchy stripes.  

Personality Information
Personality: Antikit is a mischievous little kit, her head full of pranks and jokes, almost always at others expense. She’s not a bully, and would never want to purposefully really hurt someone’s feelings, but often goes too far in her teasing without noticing (Umberkit gets the worst of this) Her energy swings frequently between riled up and ready to play back down to lazy and disinterested. She’s a bit of a hypocrite, and while she does lie quite a bit, is not particularly good at it.
Flaws: Mean-spirited, blunt, zero poker face, hot tempered.

Ambitions: She’s a kit so her ambitions are fairly limited at the moment, but she does have vague dreams of glory in combat or of becoming important and powerful.

Worries: Despite her antagonism towards her sister, Umberkit, she often worries about her. It seems to her that Umberkits just not tough enough or wont enjoy her life with all of her anxiousness.

Antkit will bend rules or find loopholes in them to get her way, but would never actually disobey an order or break a rule.
Antkit thinks her name is stupid- ants aren’t cool or strong at all!

Antkit’s still a child, so her life does not consist of very much activity yet. Her mother and father are good to her and are quite loving, even if they do get frustrated with her antics. She sometimes gets in physical fights with other kits, but Antkit hold very few long standing grudges and forgets these spats entirely. She currently spends most of her time with her sister.
hey. Forced onto deviantart by my sister, hoping to have a good time. yeah.


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ARVEN92 Featured By Owner May 21, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the watch :)
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Hey there, thanks a ton for the watch and the favorites!
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no prob! I'm actually hedgepaws sister, so its cool to finally meet you! 
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Oh that’s awesome! A pleasure to meet you as well! Are you the one that has been doing the dragon designs with hedge? (Sorry, dunno you guys have more siblings XD )
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yeah that's me! Its just me and hedge (we're twins) we do have a little sister, but shes too young for deviantart.  
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