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Now this was something that i posted up on the reply section of my "see the evil, speak the evil. speak the evil.  so thank god for copy and paste.


what can we learn from death?. It's there we fear it, we love it, we hate it and we worship it. But have we learned anything from it's art. when it takes someone, it leaves behinde a picture, the picture of the "scene". What can we learn?. I was on rotten looking for some ideas, and i came across this picture. It was a crossdresser, who killed himself by placing a bag over his head and died. But what i found extreamly intresting was what he had done before he killed himself. The room was spotless, even the pillows on the couch that he killed himself on were placed in a cookie cut fashion, he turned the t.v on for some last comfort from the outside world, he was reading a magazine, mabye to get his mind off the pain for another moment and his purse was opened, with make up tissues. When the actual picture was taken, theres was a commercial going on the t.v, advertising prigle chips. The irony with that is completly and utterly over powering. But one thing that will never be know is,why?. Or should we even pay attention to it?, maybye deaths art is too powerful for some, maybye it's too morbid or maybye it's not worth their time. I'm going to say it, the picture with the dead crossdresser, is beautifull. It's nothing but death, nothing but the scum of the world, nothing but commercials that run over,and,over again. But with death as the center of attention, thats what makes it beautiful. Death will come for all of us, in 100 years,we will allbe dead. not the world in general, but us. we will be the next picture that death takes, and carry's around for us.

i will admit that this is a very morbid peice of work, but then again if you get your ideas from  It's bound to be morbid.  But along with being morbid, it's also very true.  Our death is nothing but a picture, one that we will never see, or maybye when we die we get too see what it looks like.  Maybye we get to see our very own funeral (i hope they get the right music).  Or maybye thats all far from the truth.   Maybye nthing happends.  maybye, when the lights go out, there out for good.  Or maybye we good to another part of the   world, with a new familly, and new way of life.  BUt with the friends and familly's that we have seen once in our life, but only remember as "kindred spirts" (holy crap my obseesion with death is something, i can't determin wether it's good or not....but i love it anyways!).  The art of death happens everyday, not to us diectly, but too others in the world.  So as i end my rant about the art of death, i will say one more thing.
" It is time we meet in another place"-"reverend" Jim Jones, although some say nothings happens, stuff does, and it follows us around for as long as we want to live for.


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tragickmagick Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2005
wooowww....*reads your journal again*! :w00t:
TacoNinja Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2005
... *steals all files* mwahahah! *trips and falls down the stairs* AHHH HELP ME *thud*
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sark Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2004  Student General Artist
well, i typed this on the other mr suit case account owned by another andre and there is no way i am typing this out again. thank gods for copy and paste.

no one ever listens to advice, seriously- it's like 'yea...sure- WHATEVER!' and they suddenly become part of that united state of whatever song and you suddenly want to go snow bording really really really bad but you already know that all you can do is cross country and you feel like such a square.
I have invented a new word, it is hi<. not hi, hi<. it's said like hic only with alot of stress on the i, so it comes out hI<. it's a very funtional word and can be used in a number of situations such as, 'i believe that is my pencil hI<, could i please have it back?' or 'hI<, please pass the peanut butter'.
You see? you see? it works. and you wont tell anyone will you?
my feet are really ichy, which probobly means theres more blood going through them making me less likely to get gaingreen. my greatgrandma had gaingreen and got her leg amputated. i dont really know my greatgrandma very well. thats the thing with large families, you barly know that you have what...thirteen cousins, and want to get to know them more. then on the other side of the family you have one cousin and you dont want to know her at all. i have grown up cousins and very young aunts, and funny uncles. and annoying uncles. very annoying. i threw a chicken bone at him. it was the single greatist expecience of my life except for the spinny hugs...and warm blueberry muffins. i love muffins. blueberry, seseme seeed...chocolate...pumpkin, ummm...bran? i hate cupcakes. they make me mad, they're so stupid stupid cupcakes, they're poser muffins. i hate posers. i'm a poser...not really, because alot of people except me. i'm a poser poser. yes! take that social status. on second thought i'm not a poser poser...i'm me. me with an ichy foot. we're having chicken for supper. poltry is great, except for turkeys, turkeys are like dinosaurs who got away with living. bastards...i hate thanksgiving and christmas because they have turkeys. i'm sure turkeys never wanted to be the sponcer for every national holiday. why cant we have macaroni for christmas supper? less time slaving and more time with the people you love. make them happy instead of try to make them happy.
now if excuse me i have to make a phonecall.
tragickmagick Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2004
Welcome to DA!
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